Which Brand of Diaper Absorbs the Most Liquid

The purpose of the experiment was to determine which brand and type of diaper would absorb the most liquid.

A brief procedure of the experiment is as follows.  Place each diaper in a dishpan that contains 1.5 liters of liquid for ten minutes.  After the ten minutes is up, remove the diaper and allow it to drip back into the dishpan for 30 seconds. Then, measure the amount of liquid remaining in the dishpan that was not absorbed. Compute how much was absorbed by each diaper and record this information in the data table.

My hypothesis that Luvs would absorb the most liquid since they have a leak proof guarantee was not supported. Instead, Luvs absorbed next to the least amount. The average absorption of the three trials from least to best was Luvs 573.33 ml, Pampers Cruisers 566.67 ml, Huggies Supreme 646.67 ml, Target 698.33 ml, and Huggies Overnite 756.67 ml. There are many other variables that effect whether or not a disposable diaper leaks or not besides absorbency.  These include proper fit on the baby, how much a baby weighs, elastic around the legs and waist, and fastening system.  Unfortunately, these would be very difficult, if not impossible, for me to investigate. Absorbency is a very important thing to a parent when choosing a diaper, but it is not the only thing. Another thing to consider is price and it was great to see that the least expensive Target brand diaper was next to the most absorbent.

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