What a Father Means to His Daughter

A father means a lot to his daughter right from birth. If you are a father of a daughter you have so much responsibility.

If I could summarize the theory of Oedipus complex or find the equivalence for it I will say it is the law of magnetism applied to human beings. Unlike poles attract whiles like poles repel. This is very true when it comes to parent child relationship. Boys are fond of their mothers whiles girls get closer to their fathers. This natural feeling puts a lot of responsibility on parents both fathers and mothers.

For a girl, a father means a lot of things. The closeness that exists between a father and his daughter must never be taken for granted. It is a God given opportunity and responsibility for the father to make his daughter what she is supposed to be. A girl who had a very good relationship with her father grows up to be a very confident and self asserting person.

At a very early age (as early as one) the girl  feels very secure when daddy is at home. She sees the strongest man in the world who is able to prevent all kinds of danger. A girl easily puts her head on the father’s shoulders when she is lifted up by him. This is an expression of confidence in him. What this means is that a father must make sure his home is protected.

As she grows, a daughter sees her father as the model man; in fact to her he is the best man. She tends to be so much inspired by his achievements. She will talk about them among her peers in very excellent ways. Gifts from a father are very much treasured no matter their value. “My father gave it to me.” This lead to the desire to please him or do something that will make him proud. The presence of a father at occasions such as graduation is a big thing for a girl.

A father who has a good relationship with his daughter will see her confiding in him. She will ask him the questions that concern life. Sometimes depending on the depth of the relationship, such questions as those concerning relations with the opposite sex, sex education and serious ethical questions come to the father. At this stage a father’s judgment and opinion are truth. These are carried on to latter years, to be seen in sayings like “my father would usually say…”

The father is still crucial to his daughter when it comes finally to the choice of a husband. Girls would like to have husbands who would treat them like their fathers. A father’s acceptance of a fiancé, to the girl, is an indication of a good choice.

The father for a daughter is more than just a parent. Fathers who have daughters must therefore make sure they don’t let them down. They must be fathers their daughters will always want to have. A father who is not worth having will negatively affect his daughter.

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