TV Series: The Vampire Diaries Season 3, Episode 22: The Departed

Elena wakes up in the morning and rocks out to Pink. She puts on her cheerleader accouterments and goes downstairs to breakfast — Jenna and her mom are there. It’s green year. She wakes up in the hospital.

Meredith tells Jeremy that Elena is fine, she just has a slight concussion. Jeremy calls the Salvatores on the road. They can’t accept Jeremy took her to the hospital when all the originals are analytic to annihilate her to stop Alaric. One of them has to go back; the added has to deal with Klaus’s anhydrous body. Meredith allotment to her appointment to acquisition Alaric waiting for her.

He takes her vials of vampire claret and dumps them out. He’s advertisement her to the medical lath and Sheriff Forbes and Mayor Lockwood accept been adequate of their duties. He wants Elena appear into his custody. He goes to her allowance but finds she’s gone. Caroline, Matt and Tyler accompany Elena home.

Elena remembers green year if she was with Matt. Bonnie has a bad activity about the bonfire tonight. Jenna’s in boondocks and Elena’s parents wish to do ancestors night. Matt tells her he loves her and Bonnie notices she doesn’t say it back. She tells Elena not to cord him along. Elena wakes up to Matt sitting watch. Tyler and Caroline got calls from their moms. Elena apologizes to him for stringing him forth and says she can’t do the aforementioned affair to Damon and Stefan.

Stefan comes in. Jeremy goes to aces up aliment at the Grille. Alaric finds him. Matt questions the acumen of not accepting Elena out of town, but Stefan is absolution her adjudge what she wants to do. Elena goes to the aperture — Elijah is there. At the Grille, Alaric asks Jeremy area Klaus’ body is. Alaric wants Jeremy’s admonition to acquisition him and annihilate him to get rid of vampires. Once he’s done, Alaric suggests they can put a spell on him so that Elena will be able to reside out the blow of her life.

The pale he has is the alone affair that can kill them. Elijah proposes he get the pale and his ancestors will scatter for the blow of her life, bidding Alaric to follow them. He aswell wants Klaus’ physique and gives her his chat he will not animate him aural her or her children’s lifetimes. They agitation whether to trust him. Damon weighs in via speakerphone, firmly against the deal. Stefan defers to Elena. Elijah just wants his brother back. Elena agrees. Matt and Caroline go to the Lockwoods where their moms acquaint them Alaric outed them to the council. They wish them to run.

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