Traits – Characteristics of Pregnant Women, Signs – Signs Pregnant

Traits – characteristics of pregnant women.

Traits – characteristics of pregnant women, pregnancy is the greatest gift that always desire by each spouse, especially those who have just got married. Attendance baby will always awaited by each partner, because it was a family is not complete without a crying baby. The woman who had just married sometimes less aware of the characteristics – characteristics of pregnant women.

Many of the actual characteristics or signs of a pregnant woman. But for newly married couples generally are less know because it has never felt or experienced pregnancy. And sometimes there is also misunderstood as a sign of nausea, they were newly married will usually assume if being pregnant, but not necessarily pregnant. So like if the characteristics of an actual pregnant woman?

Traits – characteristics of pregnant women

Pregnant women or pregnant women usually will feel something different in the body, especially the first pregnancy. Besides the body unpleasant or uncomfortable, characteristics of pregnant women are bound to occur in women is the cessation of M * nst * UASI. and the following is a complete list of the characteristics of pregnant women is common in women.

• Late or stop M * nst * UASI of schedule or date normally.

• breasts were slightly swollen and a little sore, because as hormone levels rise.

• Often experience nausea or vomiting in the morning.

• Stomach is growing out of its usual size, and sometimes feels bloated.

• sometimes feel cramps in the legs.

• You will see a tiny spot behind the p * t * ng, and color p * t * ng also changed from the usual.

• The more sensitive to odors, and are often uncomfortable with the smell of the thing.

• Frequent urination, because jumplah blood and fluid in the body increases.

• A little bleeding at the intimate. occurs usually between 1 week to 2 weeks after having sex.

• Feeling pain at the Ulu heart.

• Fast feel tired or exhausted.

Obviously, the characteristics of pregnant women are not all the same. sometimes there is a common, but sometimes there are too many pregnant women who experience signs like the one above. To make sure whether pregnant or not now is not difficult. We can easily get a pregnancy test at the supermarket, or in the shops around us. To further convince us, whether we are pregnant or not, do not be shy to consult with mothers who have been pregnant.

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