Tracking for Kids: Abduction Prevention, A Necessary Evil

This article outlines the basic steps in preventing child abduction and discusses the case for GPS tracking devices.

Alarming statistics in the US show that every 40 seconds a child is abducted ,in other words , by the time you complete this article ,another 4-5 US children have been abducted and within a couple of hours almost a quarter have tragic outcomes. These and other thought provoking statistics are available on

Missing and runaway kids are common in many countries, and steps have been taken by local police and national government organizations worldwide to combat the activities of those who prey on our children, whether it is strangers or indeed people that are familiar to us.

Most of these activities involve trying to find kids quickly after the event occurs ,while prevention is obviously a much more viable solution.

Preventative Methods

Be a diligent parent and always know where your children are. This is, as we all know, exceedingly difficult and once your child begins to crawl the urge to explore makes it difficult, even within the immediate living area.

Be that as it may, it is our responsibility as parents to monitor them at all times and to keep them safe. As our children grow it is important that we instill in them an awareness of the ills present in our society while at the same time protecting their innocence. This can include “don’t accept sweets from strangers “or indeed even “don’t talk to strangers”.  

Prepare an Action Pack in case the worst happens and your child is missing , a few recent color photographs (take new ones every month), medical info such as blood type (in case of accident) and also a full text description of your child. Teach your child how to use the phone and how to dial emergency numbers, write the full home address, telephone number and other pertinent info. Getting your child fingerprinted and put on the system is also useful in the event of an accident.

As a child’s social activities are limited compared to adults it should be easy to monitor them. What does their normal early routine consist of? Normally ,it will be a case of leaving home to attend school and back home again afterwards. Schools will ensure that all kids are collected by their parents or by someone who is nominated to do so by the parents.

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