Torturing Child with Pleasure

Children who are born and grow up in families that department, but less loving discipline, resulting in a spoiled child. All their wishes fulfilled relatively abundant.

There are many reasons parents spoil the child. In the big city classic reasons are sorry for the parents of children left alone at home with maid only. Busy work to make them better follow their children. Indulgence as a way to overcome guilt.

Meanwhile, there are parents who are tempted to spoil the child because of his past trauma with a hard and bitter. Living in poverty (parent) is painful. After he became a “man” or rich, he wanted his son happy. Facilities given to excess.

Not infrequently the child to the extent of sitting in junior high, to make minumanpun always the mother or the maid who provides. Lifting bags to the car, and so there is a driver. Akibanya children are not independent. His fighting power is not growing.

Their self-esteem is relatively low. For their self-esteem is built upon what they have (outwardly) rather than on the character and value of a healthy life. Another cause is the inner relationship with parents is not awakened, so they tend to make friends as a means to vent and spend time. If they meet the wrong friends, they are easy to get lost in a bad association. Moreover, they are spending money excessively.

Spoiled spoiled attitude will also happen to the child if the parents are also getting used to parenting tend to feel depressed or less freely, then the child’s parents are permissive, so no child feels parents have scored a spoiled individual.

As for how to cope with children who excessively spoiled (spoiled to disturb the child’s independence), namely: Do not give parenting centered permissiveness. But it also does not mean banning all things to do.

When children require all that much and tend to organize parents. So assertiveness of parents are needed. Try introducing penalties, not to be hit. Simply by encouraging kids to sit still for a minute, that’s punishment enough like a child.

Involve your child in social activities, the business is done so that the child can be a lot to see, learn and interact more broadly. When the boy showed his spoiled then parents can distract children on things or activities that favored child.

Give a chance to play with other children, is to engender an attitude of understanding and sharing, so that children have the maturity to behave. Parents should always give the example of how to be a joint effort or mutual help before the child.

Give affectionate physical contact such as hugging, kissing, and fondling the child calm if spoiled attitude emerged. You can also sentence to convince the child that what is done is not good. And if a child is in a difficult situation, he reinforced the support sentences, that everything will be okay.

Actually there are plenty of ways to make child is no longer spoiled, but these methods will be useless if parents do not make changes in the care of children, especially parents who are close to children.

Due pampered, they also stress resistance is not well established. Challenges and difficulties of a luxury item for this spoiled child. Until adolescence, they are not capable to distinguish where it wishes (wants) and needs (needs).
In the work experience, in some rehab and depression, we found plenty of large teens pampered. They are not competent to manage conflict while in junior high school and high school. They begin to face the difficulties that they encountered at home. Especially when parents begin to see hard and rough, not like he was sitting in kindergarten and elementary school.

As a result, children easily stressed, angry and frustrated, and medications (drugs) offered their friend felt able to relieve the inner conflict. Although they may not get to use drugs, their fighting power is relatively low. It affects achievement and career studies. Not a bit of work to move them just a bad excuse and does not fit with colleagues.

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