Torture!! I Cant Do It! Olsen Twins Slowed Down Pizza Song!

Just try aaiaaaargh!!!

I came across this: “Bet you can’t listen to the whole thing: Olsen Twins Pizza song slowed down.”
and i tried… and i couldnt!! It destroys you!! like the slowed down voices and everything… its like :O
well try it out, here’s the link. 

Its the olsen twins clip, (its very old, back when they were kids) they did a song called the pizza song, it goes like P-I-Z-Z-A! that spells PIZZA! I WANT PIZZA! and the normal song is alright, but when slowed down, it kills you, it just grabs all of you and punches you in the gut!! Its a mixture of a hardcore-heavy duty headache and the worst cringe ever!!!

Enjoy, The Olsen Twins slowed down pizza song!

post how far you got too, in the comments!

Liked it

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  1. ½way :P

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