Top Tips for Testy Teens

Are you faced with hairy, moody and boring teens on a daily basis? Well, don’t despair, help is at hand! Follow the top tips in this article and you’ll be half way to finding the polite and happy offspring that you’ve always wished for.

No matter who we are or how close we are to our children, come the teenage years, a few storm clouds may start to appear on previously clear blue horizons. Through a combination of hormones, peer pressure and formulating adult thoughts, kids often act and do things that are pretty irrational especially to an ever-increasingly confused and exasperated parent.

There really is no rhyme or reason to the decisions of a teenager and by casting your mind back to how you felt at thirteen you may cringe at some of the exploits that you considered totally normal at the time. For example, I can remember being a complete nightmare when faced with ‘having’ to go on our annual American holidays as opposed to staying at home and hanging round the chip shop with my mates!

The key appears to be allowing them to grow, learn and challenge without allowing them to get into too much danger. Of course, what you consider dangerous may often be perceived as quite the opposite by your son or daughter however, the safety net that you’ve been carefully sewing during their primary years will hopefully alleviate some of the distance that they have to fall as they hit the teens.

I don’t propend towards any particular methods of teen parenting other than the need for love, ground rules and respect but, I’ve come up with a few tips that I feel will give parents the strength to deal with testy teens when they’re caught up in the eye of the storm.



As with any tension diffusing situation, communication channels need to be open and nine times out of ten just listening to what your son or daughter has to say will go some way to allowing them to let off steam. Involving them in decision making, asking about their day and taking an interest in their activities are all great ways to start the communication ball rolling and although you may be met with mono-syllabic responses at least your kid will know that you’re there if needed.



If you’re all living under one roof things are bound to get slightly stifling and from not liking the interior décor to what to watch on the TV, many an argument has occurred due to a question of taste. Giving a teenager their own space is often a great way to let them express themselves and develop their own personality without them having to move out. A converted loft or the freedom to leave their room how they like it gives a teen the chance to breath and also gets them out of your hair for a bit too.

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