Tips for Planning Your Kiddies Party on a Budget

Do you want to throw a party for your child but you are concerned about the costs involved? Learn how to plan, arrange and host a memorable party without incurring exorbitant costs which you will later regret.


So your little one is excited about her upcoming birthday party and has grand ideas about what type of party she wants. You on the other hand, are stressing about the financial implications and thinking about gently letting your little one down by trying to explain the basics of family financial economics.  The good news is that planning a successful party need not be a bank busting exercise.  Further good news is that you and your little one will have loads of fun planning a memorable party on a reasonable and affordable budget.  So where do you start?  Follow these tips to ensure you create an entertaining event which your child and her friends will talk about for many months to come:


Get your child involved with planning a theme which will create lots of fun.  Besides the normal Disney character parties, there are many age-appropriate themes for kiddies parties – let your imagination run wild.  Once your theme has been agreed, you will have an idea as to the colors which will complement the theme as well.  Some ideas to get your creativity flowing:

  • Adventure/Survivor party (camouflage colors)
  • Princess party (pink and white)
  • Belly-dancing party (bright colors like orange, yellow and purple)
  • Pirate party (red, black and white)

Explain to your child that having a small group of close friends at the party will mean that you are able to create a more special event.  A group of ten, with a maximum of around fifteen at a kiddies party is generally a good idea.
This is where the fun begins.  Design the invitation based on the theme and get your child to help depending on her age.  Invitation ideas based on the themes listed above would include:

  • Adventure/Survivor party:
    • Copy the television Survivor Series logo and use your town as the destination e.g. Are you ready for Survivor Illinois?  Follow with the details of the party.
  • Princess party:
    • Using pink cardboard paper, cut out little stars, decorate with glitter and paste the party details onto the finished product.  Then paste the completed stars onto a kebab stick and finish off with a little pink ribbon to create a pretty wand invitation.
  • Belly-dancing party:
    • Use a plain A4 sized cardboard paper and paste the party details onto it.  Decorate with lots of shiny glitter in all different colors and then fold into a fan.  Open up the fan, tie the bottom with a little ribbon and your invitation is done!
  • Pirate party:
    • Create a pirate eye-patch with cardboard by cutting out an oval, pasting the party details onto it and tying an elastic band on either side of the oval.  Loads of fun for little boys especially.

Let the birthday girl/boy help you scout around the house and the playboxes for party decor.  You will be surprised at the party paraphernalia possibilities which you will discover.  Follow through with the theme created with your party invitations by using the same colors and ideas for your party decor.  
Hotdogs are a firm favorite at all kiddies parties.  Keep the sweets and cakes to a minimum as the kids will be having so much fun playing that they will not be too bothered with all the sweets.  Let your little girl help you bake simple cup cakes and enjoy decorating them according to your theme.
Search kiddies party websites for original games for the kids to play at the party.  There are loads of games to choose from which will fit in with your party theme.
Even if you are not as domesticated as you would like to be or you don’t have the time to bake a birthday cake yourself, there are many ready-mix cake mixtures which you can buy off the shelf and they generally take all of twenty minutes.  Cut the cake into a shape related to your theme (crown, pirate hat, treasure chest, etc) and ice in the theme colors.  Simple and affordable.
You are only limited by your own imagination when it comes to arranging kiddies birthday parties.  By getting your little one involved, you will be unleashing unlimited creativity and you will also be enjoying fun, quality time together.
Enjoy your party.
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