Tips for Getting Pregnant

It is not always easy and quick to get pregnant, especially if you want to! Here are some practical tips to help the arrival of the stork.

It is not always easy and quick to get pregnant, especially if you want to! Here are some practical tips to help the arrival of the stork.

When you decide to start a family is not always as easy as it seems, sometimes steps youth trying not to get pregnant the first time, and you want to happen when you realize that the stork may be delayed longer than expected.

There is no reason to despair, because the anxiety and agitation would play only against you. Better then to take things positively and not give up.

Here are some practical advice and valuable help for the arrival of a child.

Healthy diet

We know that the food choices affect our metabolism and improving our health in general. In particular, if you are looking to start a family choose fresh fruits and vegetables in season, rich in vitamins and minerals. In principle at a different color of fruits and vegetables match different nutrients, then during the day is a good idea to try to consume fruits of different colors.

Meat and animal proteins help you to keep in shape, but do not go overboard with the quantity.

If you think you fail to consume enough fruits and vegetables you take a vitamin supplement specifically for women trying to conceive, as well as folic acid.

Care your body shape

Nature is wise and it is easier to get pregnant if you enjoy good health and fit you are. Sports and weight control in a gentle and natural will help you feel better about yourself and get ready to welcome the stork.

The ideal body mass index (BMI) is between the values ​​20-25, if it is higher or lower than the chance of getting pregnant decrease.

If you estimate that your weight is at the limit of these values ​​ask your doctor for personal advice on how to lose or gain a few kilo and increase your chances of getting pregnant.

Detoxified thoroughly

Detoxify the body of toxins and waste is another trick to speed up the arrival of the baby.

We all know that during pregnancy you can not drink alcohol or smoke not to endanger the health of the fetus, but also in the previous months is a good idea to leave these habits to embrace a healthier lifestyle.

As always, attention to measures: if a glass of wine is healthy, exaggerate or abuse is harmful and leads us away from the lens.

As for the coffee, there are studies that show that the majority of women have difficulty getting pregnant were dependent on caffeine, then attention not to overdo it with coffee, tea and cola.

Practice sex on a regular basis

It seems obvious, but have sex regularly is healthy, fun and above all essential if you are hunting the stork!

According to a study published recently in the UK by First Response, the majority of couples making love 104 times before seeing the positive test.

If you want to guide you with a calendar of ovulation simply enter a few details here and you will know your most fertile days, but do not focus only on those few days a month, since the human body knows how to be unpredictable.

Whereas sperm survive up to three days in the ovaries, have sex every other day during the fertile period is a good strategy to ensure the presence of sperm waiting ovulation.

The health of your companion

Pregnancy is an experience of torque, as well as his research. Ask your friend to accompany you as your following the same diet, or doing a little ’sport together. After all he has to do his part to keep fit!

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