Things I Learned About Filing a Missing Person’s Report on a Teen

This came straight from the Police Officer’s mouth…………

When your son or daughter enters High School, things become a tad different.  They are moving from Adolescence to Teenage Years on to Young Adulthood. 

We all have great command on our children’s whereabouts while in Grade School.  Many of us actually picked our children up from school or had a responsible person to do so.  As our Children become older Grade School attendees, it is best to then began to give them a tad more freedom, a cell phone to let you keep in touch that way or just plain old trust.

In High School, your Child may not tell you every single step that they are taking.  Did you?  They are sometimes thrust in with completely different peers, depending on the school they attend and whereas we know when the Grade School bell rang, we may not know what type of Meeting or other Activity that our student may want to involve themselves in without telling you in advance.

When a child doesn’t arrive home from school in a timely manner, you can only become concerned when that hour turns into two and beyond.  Within the first hour of un-arrival, it’s good to call the School to see that your child attended and if school let out as usual.  A good school will call you if your child hasn’t arrived to school early on, however.   If you are really worried by now, always have handy, his or her good friend’s Parent’s number.  Do all those things but don’t report it to the Police unless there is a twenty four hour window of waiting.

The Police take in account the child’s age, prior behavior, if there is any prior reports of trouble.  Your child has never had any problems with disappearing, staying out late or possible runaways.  The latter statement is the prime reason that you don’t report so soon, unless you believe there has been a kidnapping. Which then could be considered an Amber Alert!

When your child is considered a Runaway or that one call is established that he has a habit of staying away from home, becomes a Record and if and when they are missing or possibly fallen into danger legitimately, the Police has prior Records of such behavior and will not give the Child the immediate treatment he may deserve, had he not had a Record of such behavior, prior. 

The best prevention of any of this is to direct your child early on the importance of calling in and letting everyone know that all is well or if they will be late.  But moreso, to tell you in advance of any Meeting or Activity they plan on joining it.  An ounce of prevention is this case is worth far more than a pound of cure! :)

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  1. Interesting. I was a strange high schooler as my mom knew where i was. we did not have cell phones when i was in school.

  2. Well penned, thank you.

  3. I’m doing my graduation now, so its obvious that many a times I would hang around with my friends. Even though I inform at my home about my reason for late arrival, they would still call dozen times to know about my whereabouts. Maybe they care a lot, or they don’t trust my judgement. Whatever the reason may be, it gets annoying. I wish they would let me have my time, since I’m doing nothing wrong.

  4. Excellent tips. There are many run aways in the world and because of their habits police do not take their disappearance seriously

  5. A good share with all details.

  6. Amazing share.

  7. Excellent and authoritative advice. Thanks a lot.

  8. excellent work Good useful info :)

  9. I still worry about my teenage boy’s whereabouts to this day, every parent does! This is a useful post for all parents out there!

  10. Good tips!

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