The Truth About What It’s Really Like to be an Identical Twin

Taking a look into what it is really like being born an identical twin, the good aspects and the bad.


Identical twins or Monozygtic twins by the scientific name are  almost Always born of the same sex and their traits and physical appearances are very similar but not exact, although, their DNA is almost identical. The environmental conditions both in the womb and throughout identical twins lives enables and influences them to be able to switch on and off various genes.

Being born as an identical twin, people always say to me what is it like being a twin, or I wish I had a twin, would that ever be cool! These people often have the misconception, regardless of any type of thought, that it just would just be a lot of fun being a twin and admittedly, sometimes it is but other times it is not so nice! For example, identical means the same however;contrary to belief, just because 2 people look alike doesn’t mean they are the same person. Twins are two separate individuals with different personalities and different qualities. I think today I would like to cover the most important areas about being a twin opening up what it really is like to be a one.

I remember as a child my sister Tracy,who I call my sister and not my twin and vise versa, used to be the best of friends,obviously because we were the same age and lived with one another we would automatically have a bond, but going far beyond that, yes some twins are susceptible to picking up on things about how their other half feels, not necessarily if she gets hurt you feel the pain, no you just have a sensory/perception that there is something is wrong and it can be from great distances. I suppose in that sense it clears up a lot of misguided thoughts right from the get go.

(Above:Tracy and I in our grandmothers porch waiting to pet the dog,the sofa was the dog’s bed.)

Being a twin can be fun, for example in school, it was quite easy to replace one another in classes, although, I recall only doing this once on a friends dare. We traded classrooms and then both asked our teachers, along with our friends who were in on it, if they noticed anything different. The teachers were oblivious to the change and after class we both fessed up telling the teachers what we had done.

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  1. Great article! However, identical twins are mostly, but not always born of the same sex, hair color, eye color or sometimes, height or weight.

  2. Thanks for your comment Debra!Yes I know that some identical twins are not born of the same sex which is very rare and they are known as half twins.There are other types of twins as well some with different features but they are classified as different types of twins such as Dizygotic twins/faternal twins and identical twins, however;monozygtic twins which is the true sense of identical twins are almost always of the same sex as stated above unless of course serious enviromental factors play a part.

  3. That was a wonderful bio, Tan, and the photos floored me. I’m glad I wasn’t a suitor at the time. That would have been a tough choice although I’m not into bossy girls. lol. Thanks for sharing this, fellow Aries. Glad you called her.

  4. Oh, I’m so sorry, I misread your article, Tanya. You’re right, it certainly does mention that above. It is a very detail and well written piece, though! ^_^

  5. Liked it! Especially the photo with the 2 girls on the sofa. I remember when my twin cousins were small, they were always dressed up with the same clothes and shoes, but when they grew up, they don’t like to dress the same and they did not like people to know they are twins.. however they are very close till now, even both were married with kids.

  6. Interesting article.. Makes me think of a new piece.. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Very nice written…

  8. Fascinating insight into the reality of being a twin. Get on the phone Tanya, and YOU do the talking!!

  9. Wonderful story! The dreaming part is what amazes me most. You really had that sort of connection even in the subconscious state.

  10. What an interesting read – apart from being an excellent piece of writing. I enjoyed that very much, thanks for sharing that!

  11. Wow! I never knew that you were a twin. What an amazing article though. I always wanted to know what it would be like to have a twin and you have shared that and I thank you. What amazed me was the part where you was in each others dream and you tried to grab her but you couldn’t and you told your parents that you thought she was dead and when she finally awoke, she said to you “I stopped falling”. That is so beautiful. Very enjoyable write and I am pleased to have read this.

  12. Fascinating story! I think it is amazing when I read about studies done with identical twins separated at birth – how there are so many things that they have in common can’t possibly be just coincidence.

    You are a great story teller, Tanya. Thanks for sharing.

  13. I loved your interesting story about you and your twin.We have several sets of twins in our extended family but singles were enough for me. I’m sure twins would be closer than single siblings but as you say siblings grow apart as they get older and have their own lives to lead.

  14. One of the most interesting reads on Triond for me. The dream stuff is incredible. I didn’t know you were an identical twin and I never dreamed you could experience so much ESP together even as twins.

  15. That was an amazing story. I have heard of similar things and possible explanations. Inspite of our technology there is very little we understand of our souls, spirits and life in general. I feel your sister and you share some common karma (we all do, but this one seems more intense). I could tell from your writings that you have some special gifts that are hard to describe. This article confirms my initial impression!! :)

  16. Similar dreams, and glimpses of the future, all so touching and interesting, just like a short novel!

    This is a very nice article, definately worth my while.

    If possible, please write more! :D

  17. Wonderful Tanya. You never told us you have a twin sister just now. Well anyway, I’m sure the community welcomes the fact that they have a wonderful, beautiful and creative writer with a twin among its talents. Thanks for the informative topic about how it is to have a twin sister. More power to your other articles and I will just catch up for those I missed.


  18. Great work again from you Tanya. Glad you could write something like this from your own experience and present it so well.

    Big Congrats on getting this on the Hot Content List a while back.

    - You definitely deserved it!


  19. Fascinating story Tanya and an excellent read! I loved all the pictures and the way you described your thoughts and feelings, I was totally absorbed. Beautiful x

  20. Wonderful auto-bio there Tan. I have been friends with identical twins, and they had a similar connect too. Always knew what was happenin with the telepathy. This gives a lot of insight.

  21. I was a twin, but the other one didn’t make it, I am also a true Gemini, and can switch personalities… I often wonder if I didn’t get both when the other one died? Or is that too weird??

  22. I have Identical twin boys age 10. They are definitely very different personalities. We have always tried to treat them as individuals and not as a unit.

    Although one of their friends still comes over and asks if Adammatt can play.

  23. I\’m an identical twin! My sis and I get alng pretty well, but the one thing my mom always told us was let them be their own person. We had seperate cakes and clothes yet we still shared clothes because we had the same taste… I thought Identical twins have to be born of the same sex, other wise that makes them farturnal. Because Identical is being the same, and one can\’t be male and the other female if they are identical I have never heard of anything like that…it was very interesting to learn that in this article!

  24. Hi! This was a really good read, so thanks! :)
    The side story about you and your sister sharing the same dream and experiencing similiar thoughts while asleep was great.

    Makes me feel a bit better knowing its not just me and my bro that sometimes do that :P

    Gotta agree with the name thing! It’s soo god damn annoying haha! :P

  25. I have identical twin boys who had a major exchange of pain at the young age of 2 1/2 or so. Long story short Joey got hurt pretty bad one day on his left ear. The next day the other twin Andy was complaining of pain in the same exact spot so I called him over to check his ear. I quickly relealized that he was the other twin, that hadn’t had the accident the previous day. As I was checking his ear he said “Joey’s giving me his pain”. As soon as he said that Joey (from a distance playing, and unprovoked) answered back “I’m giving him some of my pain because it hurts to much mommy”. I couldn’t beleive what I was hearing. I then called Joey over to re-check his ear and saw that he had a large red blood blister around the injury that appeared to be ready to pop. It looked very painful. Once I tended to it with ice Andy then grabbed his ear and then said “Mommy, that’s cold” whereas Joey (who I had the ice pack on) didn’t seem to mind.

  26. after reading this fantastic post again I realise I may not have come across in clear meaning in my comment on the next twin article. I know you are not the same person as your twin but you are the same genes?? This could drive me mad, I am riveted and can’t even imagine how it would feel.

  27. Thankyou all for your comments! It certainly is something only identical twins can kind of understand but even being one,admittedly I have to say, that even twins don’t fully understand the magnitude of it truly.

  28. I’m a twin myself. We are both Gemini’s and identical. I have always wondered if we are particular special for being Gemini and having the sign twin when of course we are identical twins. I have read your article and have had VERY VERY similar experiences. Though I could never go a year without speaking to my twin.

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