The Truth About Indigo Children and Starseeds

Outlining the similarities between Indigo Children, or "Starseeds". and Asperger’s Syndrome, while giving parents advice.

Many people within the New Age movement believe that they, or their child, is what they refer to as an “Indigo Child” or a “Starseed.” There are different theories surrounding these two terms, but depending on who you ask, they are one and the same. Indigos/starseeds are supposedly people who’s soul has incarnated in a human body for some higher purpose of helping to raise the consciousness of Earth. Those who subscribe to the Indigo school of thought believe that the souls of these beings are from another plane of existence, where as those who prefer the term “starseed” believe that they are really from another planet, but chose to incarnate here on Earth. Some of the “starseed” believers even go as far as to claim that these people are in actuality either aliens who were switched with a human baby at birth, or that one of the real parents is an alien – usually the father – while the other is a human. No matter which theory you have heard, these people claim that they are on some kind of life mission to improve the human race, while somehow being superior to the humans that they are here to save. This sounds like a nice idea, but does the theory hold any credibility? Let’s look at the facts.

(Update: Also read my reply to the criticism of this article here: How The Indigo Child Concept Hinders Our Spiritual Advancement)

Websites such as outline certain traits that the so-called Indigos are supposed to posses. Some of these traits include:

  • above average intelligence
  • emotionally sensitive OR unable to show emotion
  • feeling different from those around
  • acting like “royalty” (wanting what they want, when they want it, and needing to have their way.)
  • symptoms of ADHD, may be “misdiagnosed” with it
  • nonconformist
  • difficulty with authority (need logical reasons for why they have to do things)
  • aversion to bright light
  • extreme sensitivity to pain OR apparent lack of sensitivity to pain
  • extreme sensitivity to extreme temperatures
  • extreme sensitivity to sound
  • obsession with outer space or spiritual topics
  • need to have substantial amounts alone time
  • difficulty making friends and relating to “normal” children

Those are just a few of the traits that supposedly make these beings unique and superior to the rest of humanity. But wait, some of these things sound familiar. Could it be that psychologists have already identified such a condition? The traits of Indigo Children and Starseeds (I will use the term “Indigo” for both from this point on for sake of simplicity) sound a lot like symptoms of Asperger’s Syndrome. 

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  1. I fail to see any real documentation for either case in this article really. You make it into Doctor Phil lunch, but we do also have quite a strong physical field we control in a different way than many others. 95% of people can either feel it or see it (some both).. Everything we do is within the laws of physic. There is no real science on the subject, so no reason to make partisan articles. However i agree about the parents feeding what is 99% flaw and harmful information to their children of any kind. Indigo or not, that is wrong! That is hardly not relevant for all indigo case I did not know anything clear until recently. My parents never said anything about me..
    And as far as I know and hope, they don’t know yet either.

    I am however worried about the old human side as you describe.
    But do not take us like fools. Gather your own info, and get to know us first. I don’t judge by your clothing, don’t judge us by without even knowing what we wear and why! And also on a note; planets, stars, energy.. all the same.. No one place or planet of origin except the great black hole of life we spun out from. Just been around longer most of the times. And that is equal for all living thing, every molecule, every ion and every second you breathe.

    Next time you may ask for both perspectives as it only takes a google to find any one of us.

    Thank you if reading.

    Learn while living,


  2. how come indigo’s are usually in helping professions, such as healing, counselling, supporting,

    if people with aspergers syndrome are not normal then how can they take up healing profession

  3. lol ignorant!! well here check this out do you believe in god?? yes!! ok well have you heard of all the miracles he can perform all the things jesus did while he was here on earth shoot then if you can believe in god and what jesus did then you got the syndrome to lol what do you call those fairy tales too, see such stupidity open your eyes and awaken stop living a lie

  4. I am a starseed who has incarnated here from higher dimentional Sirius B. I also have lived previous lives on the pleidies and also Orion.

  5. Autism is defined as a disconnection to others. The Indigos and Crystals are CONNECTED. It’s about good golly time someone became connected, because all we tend to see is the disconnection in this world.
    Yes, I’ve been “diagnosed” both as Asperger’s and Indigo/Crystal. The diagnosis for the Asperger’s syndrome could not be verified due to my unusual empathy/sympathy for others. The Indigo/Crystal diagnosis could be supported by my demonstrations of laying hands on my father at the age of 13 to cure his lung infections, my ability to perceive the entire psychology of animals and people through the viewing of the aura/EM field since the age of 4, speaking with deceased loved ones…the list goes on, and I am but 17 years old. I stopped taking medication at 15 years old(12 to 15 years old), directed by God himself, and my body made a miraculous recovery and my “autistic symptoms” disappeared. I truly believe that psychiatric medication caused most of my symptoms.
    I believe that our society is in fact disconnected! What a healing experience it was a younger Crystal Child comes up and gives you a hug, “knowing” your troubles and sympathizing with your pain! I still do that!
    I am not saying Crystals and Indigos are better than anyone else. And the Children DO have the right to be here on Earth, as we all do, and if they act like the young adults that they are, more power to them! Parents are shellshocked because all anyone seems to want to do is control, control, control and suppress creative functions!
    Every group will have some bad apples. The Children may not be aliens, but they are still here to heal and guide people. And the same goes for doctors who want to overmedicate their patients in order to “reach what is considered normal”. And for that matter, it shouldn’t be the doctors’ place to change the kids in the first place.

  6. Indigos and star seeds should be recognized and raised better. we can do amazeing things if we’re listened to and raised properly. the idea of aliens and such may frighten humans but it is only natural to for them to not believe in such things they do not understand. so they go in a “defense mode” and “adjust the ideas with the abnormalities with something that they can understand. Parents if you have a son or daughter that is an indigo or a star seed its ok! all they care about is helping the earth somehow. if u thought it was bad being bullied for having a disability or being differnt your not just hurting them emotionally your pulling them away from what they do best! I’m 22 right now and I was labeled as having a learning disability I am NOT disabled in any way but rather from another world in a humans body. think it as this way. if your dog or cat changed into a human it would be hard to be in a new body wouldn’t it?

  7. What a very enlightened comment you made, “Raven.” I’m glad to see that at least the people on your planet are so much more advanced than us Earthlings. Perhaps you can help us to be more open-minded, peaceful, and better at using the English language.

  8. Oh the western preoccupation of labeling and analyzing. Why can we not just accept each other for what we are. We are all equal in the eyes of importance, just some of us do better in some settings than other settings.

    Whatever our names are, that is sufficient enough of a label. It is very difficult to know ourselves, which is why it is easier to try to label others. All people have intuitive gifts, just many do not pay attention to them.

    The only thing that absolutely matters is how we treat one another.

  9. From the point of view of one who has lived with Aspergers for 29 years, this article is both interesting, and very one sided. I have theorized often to friends that people who have Autism and Aspergers may be Indigos or Starseeds because we don’t fit, but not in a bad way. It is in a very positive way. There is so much good that can come from differences, rather than putting them into small boxes to be medicated and stamped with various labels. Over time, those only serve to limit, rather than enable. They can become an excuse used by those around the child, and eventually the child themselves as to why they shouldn’t reach above a certain mental, emotional, or spiritual developmental point. I’m very glad I was not “diagnosed” until I was an adult. It gave me a chance to do a lot of living with high expectations of those around me, because they saw my potential rather than a label.

  10. This article is nothing but ignorant and simply narrow-minded. I don’t think that someone who has asperger’s syndrome could ever heal someone, or predict the future through remote viewing or prophetic dreams. Also, indigo, crystal children, and star seeds can ALL be social because they are normal and get hints and jokes.

  11. Hi am diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. Some of the symtoms sound like the above listed. It does not make me an indigo. But, I am extreamly effected by this psychological illness. Especially on a social leval.

    Also another syndrome overlooked and usaully not tested is “Di George Syndrome.” However, I do believe, not my self, but some people may have gifts that do not fall under the scope of regualar psychology.
    There is always the unexplainable and nothing fits into a perfect eqaution like math and science would like it to. After all we live in an infanate universe. Where sometimes faith has to take over logic, in order for us to survive our calamities.

    For people with the above symtoms who catagorize them selvs as indigo. Look into DBT therapy. Its for Borderline’s but can be very usefull for all personality disterbances. It teaches you to ground, reconnect, accept, and take full responsability for your actions. I believe it should be taught in our school systems.

  12. Im an Indigo and am very pleased to be here, this is something I didnt disclose to my parents when I was younger as I didnt know the term till I was about 22 years old. I didnt have to have medications like many others that were diagnosed with ADHD…(luckily)

    I am now 30 and learning how to reach out and help others better….there are great sites for Indigo’s and starseeds to connect on the web, articles like this of closed minded people are not worth the read…

    I have ALWAYS seen spirits and am highly empathic…. Im here to help like many others…

    The shift is coming in 2012…

    We must ALL work together to lift our vibration :)

  13. Here here!

  14. “The truth about indigo/starseed”
    Who are you to proclaim ‘the Truth’!?
    You exhibit arrogance throughout your article, willfully ignoring the myriad of examples of self-realized individuals to push some autism theory! Your agenda is clear, and anyone who Knows will just laugh it off and move along… I just hope this article doesn’t lead to some ignorant parents forcing Big Pharma down their children’s throats…

  15. Then why has every “indigo” I’ve ever met been an extremely arrogant self-important SOB who refused to see anything from anyone else’s perspective and had obvious symptoms of autism or other mental disorders? All this new age crap is just a way for these people to cope with the fact that they might not be the same as everyone else. If they have to be different, they’d rather they were superior than have anything wrong with them. I just think it’s funny that “indigos” are supposedly here to help raise Earth’s awareness or whatever, but all they do is sit around talking about how much better they are than anyone else.

  16. “Then why has every “indigo” I’ve ever met been an extremely arrogant self-important SOB who refused to see anything from anyone else’s perspective and had obvious symptoms of autism or other mental disorders?” – Maybe you were just looking for examples to prove your theory, so that’s what the Universe sent you – that’s how it works. Actually how do you even know they were indigos?
    You know, one of the main things that indigo and especially crystal children believe in is that we are all one, all part of God and no one is more important then the others. I could explain why many of the earlier indigos are acting like they’re something more but my english is not that good, sorry. Not everything is what it seems at first sight and not everything is that simple. Wish you luck with everything!

  17. I just recalled a thought I like very much – What you see is a proof of what you believe in. Believe in something and you’ll see it.

  18. Jennifer, you haven’t met any real Indigos. I’ve seen a lot of people claim indigo just because they were EMO, or depressed. That isn’t the case.

    Indigos/Crystals have an inner knowing.. it has nothing to do with boasting or claiming superiority over others. It’s an inner charisma, an inner fire that everyone that comes into contact with an indigo senses.

    Most people can’t explain it, but they feel something.

    I’ll be the first to say that a lot of indigos who claim to be indigos are just riding the wave to appease their ego.

    The real indigos wouldn’t want anyone to know who they were.
    i.e telling everyone their an indigo.


  19. @ Terra and John,

    I am with you both on all aspects. ;)

    @ Jennifer – The Views you have are both accusative and unsubstantiated! First of all Not all PARENTS of indigo children believe in any different GOD then the one known in the BIBLE. Every parent/human had free will to choose their own path and belief as I CAN ACCURATELY state that most RELIGIONS do and always have. I for one do not believe in alien hypothesis, however, that does not make the INDIGO’S that do any less than you are. I think that is whats wrong with religion today is all the so called Christians out there making unwarranted claims on others that have different beliefs than they do.

    Second as Terra stated ……NOT ALL Indigo’s are either children or have parents that are shoving theories into their innocent brains. Not all parents are even AWARE that their children ARE indigo’s! Hence ADULT INDIGO’S. Furthermore most adult indigo’s knew at very young ages that they were different as much as they knew they were male or female without even discovering what being INDIGO/CRYSTAL is until they are adults.

    In my conclusion to your sad and obviously anger filled heart I suggest you start by speaking with adult indigo’s and start your research over. You will be surprised to find the many inner spiritual beliefs many of which you have automatically disregarded unfairly. The problem is that as stated by John FINDING TRUE INDIGO adults would be difficult unless you plunged in to their worlds because they only exchange experiences and feeling with those they are alike with. TRUE STATEMENT JOHN thank you! huggs.

    I hope you find peace in your heart Jennifer ( The Author )

  20. Very wrong Jennifer … It sounds more like you are attacking INDIGO’S rather than them running around claiming to be SUPERIOR! I think you have what is similar to GAY PHOBIA .. Maybe you are either Mentally disabled in some way and do not want to admit it to yourself or MAYBE you are indigo yourself and refuse because of religious brainwash to believe in yourself and the GOD you trust and believe in. Indigo’s are very humble, loving. positive people. You are doing the boasting here not the indigo’s. No one here is ATTACKING your beliefs yet you are doing the attacking. I think that everyday CHRISTIAN claiming folks go around boasting their holy-er than thou – ness more than any Indigo and you know as well as all of us here that many religious people are fence riding hypocrites, Liars, Boasters, Think they are better than others. Wouldn’t it make sense that the Indigo/Crystal persons have as much of the same? Hummmm in you theory that would make your spiritual beliefs just as bogus? Wouldn’t it?

    Find peace Jennifer =)

  21. This article was just a warning against falling for some illogical belief. I like how you assume I must be Christian just because I don’t believe in some New Age crap. I see no real difference between those two belief systems.

    And, when I was talking about parents, I was only referring to the New Agers who push their beliefs on their kids and try to turn them into some kind of spiritual superheros instead of giving them a choice in what they want to believe. (Which I realize, most religious parents do the same thing). I do realize that most “indigos” don’t “realize” it until they are adults or teenagers. From what I have seen, most of these people “figure out” that they are indigos after being desperate to find something to be a part of, after being rejected from too many other groups (such as family or peers).

    I was partially responsible for making some vulnerable people believe in this crap years ago, pulling them further away from reality. My reason for posting this article, and the follow up article, was to try to undo some of the damage I have done.

  22. Please read the follow up to this article before continuing to get defensive of your beliefs and attack me.

  23. Have you not considered that both could be true? That what the medical profession terms “Asperger’s Syndrome” could be one and the same as “Indigo Children”?

    I’m not a believer in the Indigo Child concept, myself, but I think it’s important to point that out. It’s not a mutually exclusive situation.

  24. I have looked deep into this phenomenon. I have been told I have problems with staying grounded, and possibly a starseed or indigo. However, like any other belief system, things like this gets way out of hand. Even I would agree with the fact that psychological community has even gotten itself way out of hand with choosing to ignore neuroscience and other sciences that explain psychology. There is also a mess of diagnosis, and just now are we seeing less branching and more condensing of diagnosis. Science is good with abstract reasoning and logical reasoning. However, I stand on the fence, as I have as well seen that I have Aspergers, and am tiredly working through this diagnosis now with doctors. Those with Aspergers are in fact connected, and those who say otherwise, are ignorant. We may not seem connected on a certain level, but we are most certainly connected in many other ways than language or imagery. This means ASD as a whole; autism, high functioning autism, aspergers, and PDD-NOS. Spirituality is an alternative to regular therapy, as breaking down the ego and opening up reality can be quite enlightening. This is no new news either, as the psychological community has begun to embrace simplistic alternative spiritual practices for therapy, as well as the physical sciences community. This indigo crap has gotten out of hand into a cult of 2012ers. I sit on the fence with this more extreme part of spirituality and await more evidence. I expect an unearthly visit will stir things right up and prove or not prove much of these things that are meant to be sat on the fence for. If you truly believe in the science you so claim to love, then you too would sit on the fence until practical evidence is here to show. And don\’t get fooled by cranks who just want your money. 2012 is a very profitable business venture. Science is about proof, so what if we have to wait for better proof. In time it will come. Using the basic practices of science can helps us understand spirituality without hindering how it affects our lives. If you simply go to the extreme of believing in this kind of stuff, people will take advantage of you and feed you whatever they feel like feeding. It is the same in any community, any belief system, any way of life. Anything is corruptible.

  25. I was diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome at 28 years old, last year. I have the heart of a healer. I went to massage school and completed it. I feel others physical and emotional pain in my body, I am interested in nutrition and supplements, and love it when people come to me for advice. I get people talking to me about their problems when they barely know me. Aspies can be healers. My obsessions tend to be connected to healing. I still have the struggles of aspergers, but I do empathize in a way and it is hard at times. I do tend to think that Aspergers Syndrome and the indigos are the same thing. I do feel like an alien in this world I live in, even if I was born human. I don’t think it is a bad thing for people to want to have a greater purpose in life or believe that we may have a greater purpose in life, but people like me do have to get real about our strengths and weaknesses to get anywhere. There has to be a reason we are born different.

  26. You are just jealous….We are talking about it but none of you people are listening!!!!!

  27. Me jealous? nope. But I believe many who are against Indigos are. I wanted to say that real Indigos are often left out and with no proper help because of such ‘indigos are miraculous’ thing… they don’t give the child the help it needs, they fill in their own ego and maybe the childs’ one, their child can also not be really indigo but just have some issues, and..? they do more harm than good with all this Indigo publishing. It makes me nuts. If you are Indigo you are Indigo, and you’ll know it. And yes, one can be both Indigo and have Asperger’s at the same time (like me). One does not exclude the other and one can have both. But not every Aspie is an Indigo and not every Indigo has Asperger’s. Two different things that are very similar and can occur at the same time, just like Asperger’s and bipolar can, or ADHD… one can have more labels, although labels are just descriptions that are good only when you really need help in tha world or to better find the reasons… otherwise it is a crap… you are what you are and that’s it. Indigo philosophy is allright and am glad that the world is becoming more spiritual slowly, but I am sick of all this Indigo publishing because it is like angel healings… I become sick of even hearing about angel healings, even if I do like angels, because so many people just do it for publishing, propaganda and money… and it is becoming too artificial. When I need angels, I call them myself. And do not talk to everyone about what I do. Because it is my own thing at the end, and one who would like to know will ask me or anyhow… people, do not be so judgmental to one another, we are all one, we are all here by the same Prime Creator, or Universe, or Atoms or you call it… we are not divided, we are actually all alike… let’s be more spiritual and flexible, not so judgmental, jealous and so…
    But anyway, if there are so many Aspies around (me included), it is no wonder it seems like none is listening :D
    I hope indeed anyone have learned something out of all that was written here in comments…

  28. There’s a lot of information on Indigo Children at which also includes Indigo Adults of course.

  29. You’re right, Laderick. Science and logic never helped anyone… (helpful hint: if you have to suspend logic and scientific evidence to believe something, it probably isn’t real).

  30. Horrible article ..starseeds / indigos do not claim to be superior or better …. They have problems back home and here …they are just a little different and yes special just as everybody. Is special!no diference…

  31. I\’m a starseed and an indigo. I sat in awe that you would be foolish enough to even ATTEMPT to label a group of people who are known for being non conformist. Did you not read anything about us? Or are you secretly one and berating yourself for it?
    Either way you have just insulted the entire starseed and indigo community, as well as the autistic community. Well done, your ignorance has come full circle, I hope you\’re proud of yourself.

  32. EVERY “starseed” or “indigo” I have met has gone out of their way to make themselves conform to the “starseed” or “indigo” traits, even the traits that didn’t apply to them before they “discovered” their “real” identity, and then proceeded to attempt to educate everyone around them that they were spiritually superior to normal humans. I have done extensive research on the topic, and was regrettably one of the people responsible for spreading this new age BS around the internet before I came to my senses and realized that encouraging vulnerable people to believe in such ridiculous delusions was extremely unethical. Some people are so desperate to find something to believe, something to make their life seem meaningful or special, they they will hold on to such silly ideas despite all evidence to the contrary. A sure sign of this is extreme defensiveness when these beliefs are challenged.
    A true “spiritually” advanced being wouldn’t be concerned with this kind of new age labeling, and would be content to help their fellow humans without needing a special label. Hell, they probably wouldn’t even consider themselves to be advanced, but would still want to help other beings advance in any way they could. And if you really were this highly spiritually evolved being, you wouldn’t have such a great attachment to a meaningless label that you are this easily offended by someone claiming that the label is nothing but new age BS. Sitting around on the internet trying to convince people you are a superior being doesn’t help anyone and is a huge step backwards in spiritual evolution (if you believe in that sort of thing, which “indigos” tend to).

  33. I have seen here some comments that I,as a starseed wannabe,am not proud of,because a real starseed,who is supposed to teach,heal and guide humanity through love,peace and light,should not use such kind of insults and words as I have read today.
    About your article,Jennifer,I do not say that is right or wrong,however,you are right regarding the fact that many starseeds are arrogant.Also,you have all the rights to believe that they might be mentally ill.
    I do have a theory of my own,however.I believe that we all come from the same universal energy,or,if you’re a believer,we are all created by the same God.Of course,depending from which field of that energy you came from,you will be more or less evolved spiritually than others-and your gifts would be.This does not make you more or less special.The field where we come from affects our personality,too,and we might find ourselves drawned to the planet which is surrounded by that field.If for example one’s soul is from the energy that surrounds Mars,that person might believe that he/she comes from Mars.
    About the mission that ‘’starseeds” have here on Earth,I believe that we were given gifts by God so that we can help people take care of the planet,and also to teach them how to get rid of the negative energy that harms this planet.Also,as we are more evolved spiritually(I repeat,this does not make us any more special,we are all part of the same energy,and we all should be equal),we are here to open doors for people,spiritual doors that they did not consider possible until the very moment when we will open these doors.

    May all of you be blessed!
    Love and light


  34. Alas, some of us even remember the star system we originate from. My starseed origins are from the Pleaides. How do I know this? I have had contact. I know my purpose here, and my mission to be completed while here. Sad and pathetic it is, watching you try and somehow connect this to an illness that you can then turn around and try and make money from. It must be baffling and frustrating for you, since you realize, yes, we do have an air of what you sense is superior attitude. You may be somewhat confused, or perhaps frightened. That is understandable. You want to classify this to feel safe. If you stay in your comfort zone by classifying us as mentally ill, then you do not have to wrestle with the complexities of this issue, and the fact there may be more to the universe than you are able to consider.

  35. And you want to classify your delusions as something supernatural so that you can feel safe and stay in your own comfort zone.

    At the end of the day, even if all this crap about starseeds is real, which is highly suspect, it doesn’t matter. Every “soul” (if such a thing exists) is part of the same universe/reality/whatever, so even if you are really from the Pleaides, or Krypton or Cybertron or whatever, you are still exactly the same as me and everyone else who is from Earth. You aren’t superior to or different from anyone else. Live your life, do good, help people, and stop speculating about “past lives” or where your “soul” really came from.

  36. this is pure ignorance. Most “indigo’s” (if we have the need to label) know this to be true in their being. I don’t even have asbergers or autism. I am a perfectly normal 21 year old girl that has known since birth that i am here specifically to help humanity. You can’t judge these people if you have not met and understood them. We are people that have been born with the veil of “reality” lifted. we understand the world in a different way than you.

  37. Look “heather” if you want to believe that your a nut job and that your problems can be fixed with therapy and meds. More power to you. Whatever floats your nutty boat, But Please dont go telling others that they need therapy just because they feel and or know they are special in ways that others or “normal” people aren’t and your therapist says thats not right and can be fixed with the right dose of this or the right dose of that. If I can help heal a friend from surgery in three days instead of three months when said friend is just under 3,000 miles away that apparently makes me a crazy and I need to be fixed. WHY? I just helped someone. And someone thinks I need to be FIXED? Well excuse my language …. but fuck you.

  38. Jen. Dont be a bitch. If you feel like helping people to believe in themselves through a label is wrong and you feel the need to correct it by saying “oh sorry, your not really special you just have a disease” then in reality no matter which reality it is you believe in your just a misguided fool and a bully. The people who really are “special” in comparison what some consider the “norm” arent arrogant assholes who believe themselves to be any more worthy than you of inhabiting this now shit hole we call Earth. These “indigos” as they are labeled normally keep their “unusual habits and traits” to themselves unless around a like mind or someone in need of help they can give. Instead of parading around or shoving ideas down peoples throats they hide within themselves for fear of ostracism such as the ignorant and rude comments seen here and worse things from closer people. If you really want to stop feeling guilty for spreading as you call it now this new age BS then just stop feeling guilty and move on. Bullying different thoughts to “fix” the forethoughts that you spread isnt the way to make the world a better place. Its a way to cause more arguments and chaos when really theres more important shit to worry about.

  39. I completely agree with the 2 comments previous to this one, i happend to be the one she helped heal, and that was bc my own healing was out of wack due to the surgery and vairous empathic reasons for i can usually heal in the 3 days from something like that on any normal day, what you think is different and is in need of meds and such and need to be labeled because of it is what makes us fear showing these traits and habits out in public as well as keeping us down, we do not need to be fixed, we are just unique and need to be understood as such

  40. On a bad day I would say I don’t see much of a difference between the New Age stuff you have just described and the oh-so-scientific identity politics of the “Aspergerian community.” The common trait in both the New Age baloney and the Aspergerian identity discourse is a misguided and obsessive need to become defined in some official-sounding way that has an air of scientific credibility. This is a phenomenon that sociologists are just beginning to look into. They argue it is about modern alienation, the fragmentary nature of modern life that robs people of a social/communal basis for identity and sends them looking for alternative solutions in all kinds of weird places, in this case New Age rhetoric and neurological psychobabble.

  41. My father who is in his late 70’s has Asperger’s. They are NOT sensitive, and lack empathy, though they can be very moral people in other ways. He is obsessed with the stars and math but isn’t spiritual at all. I definitely have extreme ADHD which effects my life adversely but this alone doesn’t make anyone a star seed. What makes a star seed is various “gifts” such as psychic ability. When the parents decide their kids are an indigo or star seed based on ADHD symptoms it gets dangerous. Nobody can decide if they are a star seed but the people having the strange experiences–because many of these gifts are experienced subjectively and these kids unfortunately repress these gifts in an effort to conform.They are not always meant to be teachers so their gifts are not those meant to be shared, or can be shared so it makes sense to anyone. So yes I do have to agree with your article to a point because it seems a dangerous thing for anyone else to decide someone else is star-seed.

  42. “A true “spiritually” advanced being wouldn’t be concerned with this kind of new age labeling, and would be content to help their fellow humans without needing a special label. Hell, they probably wouldn’t even consider themselves to be advanced, but would still want to help other beings advance in any way they could. And if you really were this highly spiritually evolved being, you wouldn’t have such a great attachment to a meaningless label”

    Read more:

    It’s true. But many of us started out true spiritual beings as (very) young children but we lost our way when the world got a hold of us.( Isn’t that just how it is though?) We have to return to our original self by mediation and seeking to avoid earthly temptations such as lust and materialism and ego– and THAT is work. HARD WORK. But it’s a journey I have undertaken thankfully –and hopefully I will get there, At that time not only will I not care if I am a star-seed ( a concept I am not overly attached to anyway) but I won’t care if I am better looking or smarter or whatever then anyone else. I will not need to buy the nice shoes or drive the nice car…I will rather give that money to the poor. it’s work. It’s training and it’s discipline. Good luck everyone in their journey.

  43. To come into the world with such iron clad morality almost from birth is a spiritual gift that aspergians have. Why not celebrate it? It would be nice if these skills that aspergians come into the world with wouldn’t be denigrated. I’m telling you a lifetime of criticism stemming from the perception that you are abnormal is enough to make anybody want to cower in the corner and blend in… but it would be a waste to deny the world what we have to offer.

    I don’t think we are as alien as everyone thinks… Aspergian/indigos are nothing new, there have always been shamans and philosophers and unfortunately we’ve almost always had to live in the periphery of society for our own safety but we can come out of the closet now.

  44. While I don’t agree with people being arrogant, I understand that a lot of Indigo children are decent people, and why they would be here in order to help restore balance. Such knowledge should be kept to the self. It’s when you become arrogant that you become counter productive. Just understand your role on this earth and what you need to do – there is no reason to go around suggesting you are superior to others. I understand perfectly how that is counter productive – and sadly, egotism is a trait that a lot of people share, whether you’re Indigo or not.

  45. And that\’s why we are here.
    To freed you from this (i)logical thinking.

    Not long ago, Earth was flat and Sun spun around it.
    Open your eyes.
    If you want to find the truth, first learn to identify a lie. Otherwise, you would not be able to see it, even if it showed itself on TV, with a suit, lending you money and manipulating your life…

    We\’re here to help. And we love you, no matter what you feel towards us.
    May the light of the awakening shine to you.

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