The Effect of Broken Home on The Academic Performance of Pupils

Problems Encountered by the Broken Homes on the Academic Performance of the Pupils.

         Sexton (1997) stated that;

The child’s physical growth shows a symbiotic relationship with his intellectual growth. The provision for adequate physical and material care which include balance diet, conclusive home environment, clothes relaxation and resting periods as well as medical care (p. 34).

The above statement is explaining that the academic performance of the child in the school is highly dependent on home care, the type of feeding that the child takes so parents that are not mindful of the nutritional quality of their children’s diet not only lead them to physical retardation but also intellectual retardation.

         Bowie (1980) stated that:

Children from broken homes are mostly affected in this regard because most parents themselves live below poverty line such that they cannot provide the basic maturational and physical needs of their children (p. 39).

The situation is worse of the broken home has an illiterate mother from the low income group, without a reasonable means of income, has poor educational background or has many children (eg Widow) such children lack the basic nutrients to develop, live in squalor and non motivating environment to stimulate intellectual growth. These poor conditions negatively affect the academic performance of the child or children from broken homes.

         Freud (1942) stated that:

Main is hedonistic in nature, he seeks pleasure and abhors pains and discomfort. Individual having found solace in alcoholic beverage becomes addicted. Everyone understands that once something has been included in for a long time, it becomes a propensity (p 27).

The above statement  explained that alcoholism becomes difficult to resist. The longer the period, the more poison is left in the body. The more dilapidated becomes the system. Alcoholism among the people from broken homes needs more to be desired, their academic performance are too poor.

         Okonkwo (1998) said that:

Many pupils from broken homes have lost their life goals and emotions due to over indulgence in alcohol can hardly earn a good result or good academic performance. 

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  1. broken homes are indeed a negative influence. we can all say NO to it.

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