The Effect of Broken Home on The Academic Performance of Pupils

Problems Encountered by the Broken Homes on the Academic Performance of the Pupils.

         The case is worse if the parent is from low income group. When the parents are affected withy physical ill-health, it drastically retard the education of the child in the broken home family.

         Millen (1980) said that:

Children experience broken home as a painful destructive factor in their lives, children feel angry at one or both of the parents over broken homes. They are ashamed at their parents behaviours. (p. 35).

The future appears, uncertain and unpredictable. Aggressive behaviour are common and at times the children may have feelings of loneliness. School performances and ability to relate to peers may decline as children are struggling to adjust to living in a broken home family. Teachers commonly describe children of broken homes as more hostile.

Measures of Treatment

         One major issue in a research work is to identify the problems and to offer solutions to solving the problems. To curb the detrimental impacts of the effect of broken home in the education of the child, the following treatments are proffered.

         Holloway (1990) said that:

The child needs to be encouraged more to enable them develop and achieve success. Martial disunity is a major cause of broken home hence the emerging of single parenting who in most cases are incapable of providing stimulating environment to the children for the education and development (p. 87).

To avoid this, parents should learn to tolerate, accommodate, appreciate and understand each other in marriage. Forces of disunity within and outside the marriage should be ignored, the emphasized if not eliminated. Education for the parents should be mounted in our  formal and informal education. Programmes to educate parents, intending parents or single parents, the senior girls. They should be enlightened on their roles as parents; side effects of single parenthood towards the academic performance and development of the pupils.

         Fafunwa (1984) stated that:

Parents are the primary agents for educational development of their children. They inculcate in children traditional education that teaches them values and norms, vocational skills and attitudes necessary to enable them function as useful members of their society (p. 21).

Parents education should be mounted in our formal and non-formal education programmes to educate parents, intending or single parents (senior girls) on their roles as parents, side effects of broken homes. The mass media and religious bodies can be helpful in this regard too, thereby enlightening the pupils more on how to help pupils from homes improve better in their academic performance. Through parents education, they will be aware on how to make necessary tools for the educational advancement of their pupils in the society and school.

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  1. broken homes are indeed a negative influence. we can all say NO to it.

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