The Effect of Broken Home on The Academic Performance of Pupils

Problems Encountered by the Broken Homes on the Academic Performance of the Pupils.

The Effect of Broken Home on the Academic Performance of pupils.

         Dowd (1997) said that,

Children from broken home academic performance is often adversely affected, the stress of inadequate financial resources have adverse effect on the children in broken home/household (p. 59).

Children from broken home household are disadvantaged. Some of them do not go to school, those who do may attend low quality schools, with low academic performance. Some of them may drop out of school prematurely. The caring power of single parent may determine the length of schooling of child in the broken home family. The girls are more likely to become teen mothers while still in school. In most broken homes, the children are generally disadvantaged because they are generally regarded as being deprived academically, economically, socially and culturally. Their environment are not conducive to learning and in which education is not adequate. Most of the affected individuals are persons from low income areas in which unskilled employment, poor living conditions prevails. All these have negative impact in the academic performance of the pupils.  Pupils in broken home families always have deficit. As a result of loss one parent, these children suffers psychological problems.

         Messiah (1983) said that some parents from broken homes are usually found in low status jobs. This may be because they did not have enough school preparations to equip them for high caliber jobs with which to use in supporting their families. This is common among African, American and Caribbean woman. Most broken homes enter their work place early with few skills and little or no experience. They begin parenting in poverty and are likely to remain in poverty which have an impact on the education of their children. Children whose fathers had been absent while they were ages one-five were more criminals in behaviour. Father-son contact is an essential element in moral development, without it moral bankruptcy arises. The effect of broken home on the education of the child is devastating.

         Denga (1988) stated that,

At infancy of 0-15 months, the child passes through a sage of trust versus mistrust. At this stage the child needs physical needs like water, food, shelter and psychological needs of love, warmth and affection from parents (p. 32).   

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  1. broken homes are indeed a negative influence. we can all say NO to it.

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