Ten Most Important Thing to Teach Your Four Year Old Children

In our troubled world how do we guide our children? Things don’t seem to be getting better. How will our children cope in the years to come?

We live in Java, my wife, my two children and I. It is a volcanic island, one among 10,000 islands of Indonesia. It is about the size of Britain, with about 140 million people. In my travels around the world I have come to realize that quite a lot of the people in the world have never heard about us. No matter, we haven’t heard of many of them either. Whether we know of each other or not we all agree that it’s a masochistic world that we live in. “The days of cheap food are over!” So is the affordability of education, health care, births, deaths, water and perhaps air. Peace has is on hold. We also agree that our children need to be well equipped to cope when they grow up. Some parents have jobs and inheritances waiting for their children, while others can only hope to instill sensible attitudes.

What is important for them to know? Below is my list of things I am going to use with my four year and three year old boys.

Learn to Make an Omelet

Making an omelet is within every child’s motor ability. Making instant noodles is also well within a child’s ability. If ever the time calls for it my sons can at least fend for themselves and even relish a bowl of noodles each with an egg on top. A nice tummy warming meal for less than 50 cents.

In Java these are fortunately enough food around to satisfy hunger. We have a lot of eggs, because we have more chickens than people. We also have in Java the biggest instant noodle maker on earth. An egg costs one cent. A packet of instant noodles cost 35 cents. If they skills to innovate up more exotic meals with noodles and egg the more, I shall be relieved. For dessert there are always bananas growing in someone’s garden or plantation.

Eat Chocolate

Readers may think I am being facetious. I assure you I am not. I have worked for global chocolate manufacturer for most of my life and I know everything about the health values of good chocolate. I will pass on this knowledge and will encourage my boys to eat a small bar a day. If all this sounds a bit dubious go to barry-callebaut.com and look up Chocolate and health. What will they drink? At least four glasses of water a day and half a glass of red wine. Java is blessed with many mountain streams. We have drunk from some of them. Along the coast we are depleting our ground water and piped water is getting expensive. To get table wine regularly requires knowing the right people. I will do my best to keep my children modestly supplied.

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