Ten Inexpensive Things to Do with Your Kids on a Rainy Day

Or any day that your kids come to you and say: “I’m bored!”.

Ten Inexpensive Things To Do With Your Kids on a Rainy Day

We’ve all been faced with our children when they are looking for something fun and different to do. In desperation we often direct them to a DVD and swear the next time we will be ready. Here are ten great kid-tested ideas to use the next time that happens!

  1. Sugar cube sculptures. All you need is sugar cubes and glue, and you’d be amazed at the igloos, villages, even figures that will emerge.
  2. Cook something together. Go through a recipe with your child, and teach them about measuring, pouring, and cooking in a non-rushed way.
  3. Make a vision board together. From old magazine, cut out pictures and words of things that inspire you or that you want to bring into your life. Kids love this.
  4. Dance. Pull put those old rock and roll records and boogie!
  5. Play board or card games with them. Sounds obvious, but many of us parents forget how much our kids love us to play with them!
  6. Have them write letters or make pictures to send to relatives – no occasion needed, just for the fun of it
  7. Set up a scavenger hunt for them. Make a list ten common household items that your neighbors won’t mind parting with, and send them off. Have a simple prize like a dessert ready for when they return. Get’s them outside in the fresh air and talking to their neighbors!
  8. Have them make a detailed map of their neighborhood – this could last for hours!
  9. Instead of watching a movie – make your own! Or a play, if you don’t own a video camera. Have them figure out a story, make costumes out of what’s around the house and see what happens! Kids are naturally good at this.
  10. Have them make a list of ten more things to do on another rainy day!
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