Ten Evil Baby Names

Familiar baby’s names cloak dark implication. Here are ten that will make you think twice before Christening you beloved Cherub them.

You might like the idea of giving your newborn a twist of bad. Give them a dark start! You might find this list of ten of the most dread baby monikers to your taste. But be warned, these diabolical names carry baggage. Baggage your muffin will have to wear for the rest of their days. On the other hand, these names sure are interesting. Your sweet little newborn is destined for an interesting career if you choose them. Here are five wicked girl baby names and five bad boy names that are sure to leave a lasting impression.

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Sugar and Spice

Let’s start with the girls. Here are the world’s most nefarious girls’ names with fast explanations.

1. Adriana

This is a common enough ladies’ mark. Do you know what it means? It means, “Dark One.” If you want your raven haired sweet pea to grow into a disrespectful goth-gal with piercing and tattoos, who hangs out with equally unwashed and tattooed boys whilst stealing your credit card, then this name is ideal.

2. Belinda

This one is also quite ordinary, but actually, possess an evil-force in meaning. It means, “Like a Snake.” Definitely not recommended for her, if you are in any way non-reptilian, in taste. Sure to set her on a tantalizing path.

3. Cassandra

This one is not for the parent who wants their beloved the centre of attention. Meaning, “She; the one who will be ignored.” Quite a beginning, but not if you imagine she will become an actor, singer or politician.

4. Desdemona

Wonderful tag this one, especially if you believe all the flim-flam of monotheism. “Of the Devil,” is the meaning of this name; a real crowd pleaser with bible bashers.  Sure to cause a pause at the neighborhood scripture assembly.

5. Leila

If you are Scandinavian with fair skin, blue eyes and blonde hair, this name is best avoided. “Black girl from the deep, dark night,” invokes a wonderful image of a real hostess. Great if you want your little girl only to entertain snowy-skinned, indigenous, white people. However, she would be welcome at the White House at present.

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  1. Loved it … to continue as I suppose

  2. A fun-filled read. I remember when Fanny was a girl’s name, not her behind.

  3. In just 8 more weeks, I will be naming a little girl. Glad Kendall is not on your list. However, if it was going to be a boy, I had Keegan picked out. Interesting read. All the baby name books give you is the sanguine version of what a name means.

  4. This was excellent I’m glad I went with Jourdan Grace!

  5. It all depends on where you live, I suppose.

    “Leyla(t)” or “Layla”, for example, means ‘evening’ in Arabic, and it is with this meaning that many (non-Arab) people name their daughters.

    Also, “Adriana” for many people, especially in the Mediterranean, means simply a woman from “Adria” – i.e. the Adriatic sea.

    I am sure hell-bent people would LOVE my name.
    Alas, it means “the light one”. :)

  6. Fun piece!

  7. interesting! i’d never guess some of those names have dark meanings!!!

  8. Autumn is season of death ! And that\’s my name

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