Sleep Together Kids Make More Sensitive Dad

Sleep Together Kids Make More Sensitive Dad

Generally, baby care matters ranging from waking to sleep again at night handed over to the mother. Maternal woman will instinctively came when he had a child. It also causes a mother has a stronger bond and better understand the biological needs of her children than a father figure.

However, it does not mean the father could not be closer to her baby. Research shows a father can experience biological changes related to closeness with their children. Hence also, the father also need to take part in the phase of development of the child. Since fathering also affect resilience and personality.

A study involving 350 male respondents aged 25 and 26 years old who is a father found, father slept in the same bed with their children tend to experience hormonal changes. The decrease in the male hormone testosterone during sleep with children making them more sensitive and become a better parent. This finding undermines the common assumption that the biological mother is only sensitive to the needs of her children.

The researchers categorized the closeness of fathers by their closeness with their children during sleep. There is a group of fathers who sleep alone, the father who slept in the same room with the child, and ayang were sleeping in one bed with her son.

The father’s testosterone levels checked through saliva samples were collected before and after waking. As a result, the levels of testosterone in fathers who sleep alone and sleep in the same room does not change. While the father slept in one bed with his son before he fell asleep sleep hormone.

Lee Gettler, an anthropologist from the University of Notre Dame and author of the study said, the psychological father has the capacity to respond to their children close. In previous studies showed, father playing with children, fed, read to them before bed decreased testosterone.

Gettler added, this new research to illustrate that when night came, testosterone levels decreased when fathers closer to their children. After a full day working on their activities.

“Testosterone is a hormone that is often public discourse, the notion of” manliness “is driven by testosterone always dominate the conversation. Psychologically There is evidence that men can also be a parent, something that had been considered only owned the women,” he said.

Active role of fathers in parenting may be nothing new. According Gettler, men have long taken this role. Previous research has demonstrated the role of fathers than mothers, can shape the child’s personality. Toughness and firmness of a child is determined by the nature of the father’s parenting style.

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