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  • Shweaty Jr.
  • Scone Head (Babies always have odd heads)
  • Duct Tape (if he or she is a breaker of things)
  • Poop Monster (This will be a given)
  • Bundles
  • Blanket Head (The name of MJ’s kids)

It’s brilliant. With friends of ours already chipping in like this, X is surely going to be taken good care of, all of his/her life.

The Best friend’s hubby has instructed that the ‘name list’ must pass through him. After what he thinks were my somewhat ‘ridiculous’ name suggestions for the nephew, he thinks this scrutiny might save a child’s future. I wonder which his favorite pick will be, from Jeff’s list above.

While Hubster and I are still in chillax mode (read: ‘irresponsible to-be parents mode’, as some people put it), love, life and leisure are going on just as they were before. In the process, I’ ve discovered some really good beers (ya ya, they are non-alcoholic – for all you ‘raised eyebrows’ up there)and concluded that non-alcoholic wine tastes like grape juice gone bad. There is the ocassional sip of champagne sometimes and the heavenly sip of a Red once-in-a-while, that keeps me going. But the ’sip’ is a ‘glass’ for now. Still there may be a good chance, that X may emerge from the oven with a bottle of Rioja and proclaim out loud “Cheers Shweyts! Here’s to our fun vino times together.”*

*Idea that stemmed from another best friend’s imagination.

Liked it

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