Qualities of Good Parents

One of the main responsibilities of parents is taking care of their children. Besides that, parents must also love their children enough to discipline them when they are behaving badly, as well as not to neglect them.

Not all children are bad children; not all parents are good parents either. However, I believe that all human are born divine at heart, even though there is a division made by qualities that each person possess to define a man. Fortunately, I have known as a kid that I have a really decent parents. Mine has always been good to me. This had explicitly shown me all that every parents are the same, as decent as my own. But as I growing up, there are many children out there I have known whom are not as lucky as I am. It really struck me the question of what are the qualities as to define good parents.

One important quality a parent should have, though it is always talked about and emphasized on, is love. There is never such thing as too much love, in fact, it is the matter of too little love from parents to their children. One can never love too much. But it isn’t only loving your children, it is also loving impartially. We can always see parents being unfair in their love, they will have the apple of their eyes and lavish amount of time on that particular child. One good example is the parents of Helen Keller, We all know so well that Helen was blind, mute and deaf. In spite of her impairment, her parents, especially her mother doted on her so much that her elder brother, John Keller being neglected. Of course Helen was special and deserved special treatment, but it does not mean John should receive any less attention and love from his parents. In the movie about Helen Keller’s life, it showcased Mr. and Mrs. Keller adored their daughter and lavished so much attention that poor John was neglected to the point of him shouting at his father for the first time ever in his life.

The next quality of good parents is understanding. It is common to hear teenagers bemoan that their parents don’t understand them, that their friends know them better and that their parents are just so “out-of-it”. Though you may say that it is not true, but as a teenager, I understand what they mean. Perhaps it is because parents are too busy to take the time to understand their teenagers. Understanding takes time. It cannot be done in an hour! It may take months, even years! Yap Sui Lin, the 16As scorer for 2002 SPM, told the media that she and her mother enjoyed a beautiful relationship. She said that her mother loves her and really takes time to understand her wholly. Sui Lin’s mother didn’t restrict Sui Lin’s freedom. She knew that her daughter needed space for other things as well, besides her studies. And what did Sui Lin repay her mother with? 16As, for heaven’s sake! The highest record of As in the SPM ever! Clearly, understanding is vital in a parent as well as the child.

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