Pretty and Unusual Baby Girl Names!

Here are suggestions for pretty and unusual baby girl names, arranged in alphabetical order. You will find unique names for girls.

Pretty and Unusual Baby Girl Names



Are you looking for a beautiful and unusual name for a baby girl? There are many unique girl names on the list below.  Sometimes when you change a spelling, the name becomes really unique and special.


A – Amber, Allegra, Adrienne, Alexandria, Alyssa, Alexis, Arianna, Alannah, Ashlyn

B – Breanna, Brooklyn, Beatriz, Brealyn, Beverley

C – Caitlin, Charity, Cherie, Cierra, Collette, Crystal, Cameron, Charisma, Cathleen

D – Danica, Dominique, Danielle, Daffodil, Denisse, Drew

E – Edrysse, Erika, Ebony, Elisabeth, Elyssa, Ericka

F – Faith, Faithlynn, Francine

G – Giselle, Genevieve, Ginger, Gracie, Georgiana, Genesis, Gillian, Giovanna

H – Hope, Halle, Hailee

I – Ingrid, Izabelle, Izabella, Isabella

J – Janelle, Jasmine, Jasmyne, Jillian, Jadienne, Jolie, Jaden, Jewel, Jeslynn, Jasmin

K – Kayla, Keona, Krystalyn, Kameron, Kiera, Kierra, Kristen

L – Leigh, Leanne, Lois, Lizzy, Lauren, Lilliana, Leilani

M – Mercedes, MacKenzie, Mikaela, Monique, Maddison, Mikki

N – Nikki, Nicole, Nicola, Nadine, Noelle

O – Olive, Olivette

P – Paige, Portia, Phoebe, Pearlie

Q – Queenie

R – Roxanne, Rachelle, Robyn

S – Samara, Shannon, Shellyn, Saige, Shanelle

T – Taylor, Tiarra, Tanya, Tania, Tasha

U – Unity

V – Vanessa, Veronica, Vivianne

W – Wendeline

X – Xaviera, Xandra

Y – Ysabelle, Yvonne

Z – Zahara, Zaidee, Zorielle, Zara


Hope you enjoyed this baby girls name list!


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  1. I’ll think about some if one day I need to (: great job

  2. What beautiful names. Great collection.

  3. “Joy” is apart of my name so If ever I become a mom of 3 girls, I’d like their names to include something related to “JOY” may be like “Faith, Hope, and Charity” ^_^

  4. I saw a really pretty girl name on an episode of Gilmore Girls the other day. It was “Pennilyn”. I think if I were going to have any more children that would definitely be considered.

  5. Sisuka, Miriam, Jazmine, Ciara, Ahinoa, Dominik, Brigitte, Valeria (Valery), Selena, Iraida, Melissa, Amelie, Anastacia, Lara, Tiara, Dayana, √örsula, Margaret

  6. Some names I think are nice are…
    Mikaiella (NOT MIKAELA ITS ME-KAI-ELLA) light in my darkness
    Parker (my futer daughtrs name! No kidding! XD)
    Hope you like them! I think they’re quirky and beautiful!

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