Parenting 101: Teaching Child to Clean The Room

Cleaning the kids room is a bit daunting ask, which I’m sure any mother would accept. There is an easy way to clean a child’s room; what is it? The best way to clean a child’s room is to teach children to clean room. Teaching kids to clean the room is a bit difficult task, but definitley a possible task. How to teach children to clean their room? You can teach them how to arrange toys, making a to-do list for children cleaning room, providing constructive criticism or feedback, etc.

Is your dream is about a tidy children’s room? Let me tell you a small situation; your son or girl finished is enjoying playing and you are happy doing your work as they are not disturbing you. Suddenly, they announce that they have finished playing and are going to watch their favorite cartoon show in the TV. You go to your child’s room to see it is messy; how would you feel? Won’t you feel frustrated and give your child a nice bashing or thrashing? No more of these if you can teach your child how to clean his/her room. Teaching children to keep their room clean is not easy, but definitely a possible task. Here are some tips for teaching a child to clean his/her room. 

Let us start cleaning the room and make a disaster room into a beautiful heaven; here you go… 

1. Play a game to clean:

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None of us like people commanding us and this same goes with children too. We parents make a mistake of commanding our children to do things and when they don’t do something, gets frustrated and end up scolding them. Let us put a full stop to this. Teaching a child to clean the room can be done by playing a game and this can be done based on their age. You can tell your child that you are going to clean your room and your child will clean his/her room; let us see who finishes of the cleaning first or can say that you will sing a song and they will need to finish the cleaning before the song is completed or any such game that your child enjoys. Children love playing games and they are sure to do the cleaning if it is like playing a game.

2. Let them to own up responsibilities:

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We adults try to put the blame on others and seldom own up responsibilities; this is exactly what the small children also do. For example, let us take a situation where your cutie pie is playing with his/her toys. Once the playing is over, your child tends to leave the toys where they are and try to do something else. Take a big basket or a cover and tell your child that once playing is over and explain them that if this is done this way, their toys will not get lost and can be used when they wish to play with them. Make it a practice till your child understands it and do it on his/her own.

3. Give incentives:

Incentives are great fun, am I right? We all love incentives, let us use the same technique with our children too. Offer incentives like going to the nearby park or watching a favorite cartoon on TV or eating a cheesecake or anything that they love to do once they are finished cleaning their room. Children will do much faster and cleaner that what you expect when incentives are offered.

4. Make a “to-do” list:

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Prepare the daily chores that your child has to do with respect to cleaning the room and stick it in the room. Tell your child to look at it daily and put a tick mark against things he/she has finished. This will not only teach your child to follow a routine, but also help in setting up realistic goals.

5. Provide constructive criticism:

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This last point about providing constructive criticism is the most important point when it comes to teaching your child to clean his/her room. If your child’s room is messy, don’t say “You never keep your room neat.” Tell your child that the room looked much prettier a week back; this will give a hint that the room is now not neat and you expect him/her to keep it clean.

I am sure these tips will help in teaching your child to clean the room. You can find related articles by visiting  

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  1. Yes of course teaching children will help in long run. We remember how our mom and father insisted that we do our own cleaning and we do it till date.

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  10. Good hints. I remember turning it into a game always helped.

  11. A very helpful post to parents of all children. They need to be encouraged to be tidy while they are still young.


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  17. These are good tips. Another important thing when teaching children how to clean their rooms is to make sure there is a system for where things go and that they understand it. If they know that the books go on the bookshelf, the stuffed animals go on the bed, the dirty clothes go in the hamper, and the toys go in the toy bin, they will be less overwhelmed.

    You offer good advice on something that most parents struggle with.

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  21. I like the tip about making it a game. This is good for adults too. I clean with music in the background for this reason sometimes.

  22. Great advice. If children learn to clean the room at early ages, this will become a good habit that benefit them for the rest of their life.

  23. You pointed out something quite remarkable..parents always make commands and get frustrated when they don’t follow…your tips are helpful. Great article!

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  25. Good article it has inspired me on how to get my 5 yr old to clean her room.

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