Parenting 101: Best Ways to Teach a Child Not to Lie

One of the toughest roles in our life would definitely be parenting especially when we come to know that our child is lying. How to teach a child not to lie? What are the best ways to teach a child not to lie? Few methods for teaching a child not to lie include avoiding punishments, rewarding truth, isolating them from a party or group of friends, and much more. Know the best ways to to teach a child not to lie here…

Have you read my earlier article that dealt with why children lie? Children lie for various reasons like fear, seeing people who lie and imitating them, not want to do things they hate and much more. Regardless of whether a child lies for petite things or big things this habit has to be stopped for the well-being of the child. Are there any methods or ways to teach a child not to lie? Isn’t this one of the many biggest challenges in parenting? Here are some best ways to teach a child not to lie. 

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1. Stop asking questions if the answer is known:

You must be wondering why I say you to stop asking questions when you very well know your child will tell a lie if you ask a specific question; I shall tell you why. Let me explain this with a small example; you have asked your child to clean the room and you very well know that he/she has not yet cleaned it. We tend to ask the question “Have you completed the cleaning?” this will surely lead to a lie; rather say “Let me know once your room is cleaned so that I can take a look at it.”

2. Tell that a lie will hurt people:

It is the responsibility of the parents to tell the child how much it would hurt people if they tell a lie. Once I told a story about a boy who cried “Wolf, Wolf” and cheated others to tell my little one how bad it is to say a lie. Educate your child how a lie would hurt others.

3. Avoid punishments:

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Are you sure that your child says a lie just because you would punish him/her? If yes then try to find out a better way to discipline your child rather giving punishments. Speak with your child why telling a lie is not good or how people would treat those who tell lies.

4. Reward truth:

If your child has said lies in the past and has said a truth, reward the child. The reward need not be toys; it can be a simple “Wow…how nice of you to tell you the truth; this is how good children behave.” This will definitely make them feel proud and continue doing the same.

5. Don’t force to confess:

A major mistake that many parents do is forcing the child to confess. When you force your child to do so, they tend to tell more lies rather confessing or telling you what exactly happened. Just tell him/her that you know what happened and will wait for them to tell you.

6. Isolate them:

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Your child is playing with another child and you hear a lie being told by your child; what can be done now? Ask your child to come and sit near you for the next 10 or 15 minutes as he/she cannot play because they told a lie.

7. Clean up your act:

This might sound harsh, but the truth is children learn from us. Many times we adults tell a lie; one simple incident would be telling a nosy friend or a relative that you would be going out today and will not be able to receive them when they come when actually you are not going anywhere. Your child is watching you; be aware of that. If you want your child to speak truth, clean up your act and start speaking truth.

These are the best ways to teach a child not to lie. Many children go through this phase of lying and it is the duty of the parents to tell the child how bad it is to lie.  Last but not the least, never ever brand a child to be a bad boy or girl; tell them they are good, but have bad habits.

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  5. very good tips indeed, Anu. A very patient mum you must be.

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  7. These are excellent tips. They may take a little time to implement, but in the end, the children will be able to grow up much healthier.

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  9. Some very useful advice here for parents. Well done.


  10. Thanks for the article.

    Children do learn a lot from adults. More than we realize. After all, a child learns to speak their native language by living day to day with someone.

    It is a very difficult thing to teach children sometimes. Sometimes I think it comes from them not fully understanding the value of the things we teach them. Something they start to realize when they are on their own and have to fend for themselves.

    Anyway, thanks again for an article on such an important topic.

  11. I agree that the best way for parents to teach their children to tell the truth is to model honesty themselves.

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  14. I totally agree with the last point, we are teaching our kids from the time they are born. We teach them truth, manners and life.
    Good article.

  15. Some very useful advice for parents.

  16. Good advice, children do what you do, not what you tell them to do! :)

  17. Great advice. Many parents fall into the trap that they told their children not to lie, but they themselves told lies and were known by their kids.

  18. Excellent advice. I agree with your points here. Being role models can oftentimes be the best way to teach kids this value

  19. These are really indeed effective ways to educate children not to lie. Wonderful suggestions my friend..

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  24. These are very sensible parenting guidelines. I especially liked number 1 and 5.

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  26. My kids are excellent storytellers but I’ll try number 7 Anuradha. These are good tips, thanks.

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  28. This is truly wonderful advice Anuradha. I particularly agree with what you said about – leading by example. There’s a terrible expression that has often been used (albeit said in jest) – don’t do as I do, do as I say – it’s small wonder many children end up doing what they do.

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  30. Great parenting ideas! My first born used to lie almost about everything!

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