Orgasm During Breastfeeding

Is it normal to orgasm while breastfeeding? Does it mean you have sexual feelings towards your baby and should feel guilty or dirty? Of course not. Breastfeeding orgasms just like vaginal or clitoral orgasms are perfectly normal and should not arouse feelings of guilt or shame. Enjoy!

She feels like letting out a scream but remembers she is on a bus

‘As the baby sucks and pulls on her nipple, she closes her eyes as the pleasure mounts. She starts moving her thighs, unaware of her surrounding, and slowly opens and closes them, unable to bear the sensations coursing through her body. She rises from her seat and slowly arches her back. She feels like letting out a scream but remembers she is in a bus. After a minute or so, she calms down and opening her eyes, looks around her, ashamed, guilty, sad…’

Is it normal to orgasm during breastfeeding?

Many women ask whether it is normal to orgasm during breastfeeding and I ask why not. Many feel it is not right, that it is shameful, forgetting that orgasm is both physical and physiological and has little to do with the sexual act as we know it. Based on this fact, both vaginal and clitoral orgasms have one thing in common. Release of the hormone Oxytocin as well as sufficient stimulation of nerve endings.

Nipples have a large concentration of nerve endings

Breastfeeding may not be sexual but it shares the very factors that bring about orgasm with sexual intercourse. Breast tissue, especially the nipple has a large concentration of nerve endings which are normally stimulated during breastfeeding and may not only lead to arousal but can also generate an orgasm kin some women.

Breastfeeding stimulates Oxytocin production

Apart from the stimulation of the nerve endings in the nipples brought about of sucking, breastfeeding also stimulates the natural production of the hormone Oxytocin which not only makes the woman feel calm and comfortable but also stimulates uterine muscle contractions that may generate an orgasm.

Orgasm is physiological and not necessarily sexual

Should you therefore feel dirty because your baby made you produce Oxytocin? Of course not, should you therefore feel guilty because your baby stimulated some nerve endings in your nipple, of course not. Orgasm is not sexual in nature; it is a physiological process that depends on stimulation of nerve endings as well as Oxytocin production and that is why I stated elsewhere that even rape in itself, however painful, however disgusting, can still bring about orgasm in both men and women.

Orgasm during breastfeeding is normal

Women who orgasm during breastfeeding are therefore perfectly normal and should not feel guilty or dirty. Breastfeeding orgasms, just like vaginal or clitoral orgasms are the sole preserve of a few women and not all experience them the same way. If you have never experienced an orgasm while breastfeeding, don’t go seeking one, it merely means your pleasure threshold is higher. If you always orgasm while breastfeeding, don’t feel guilty or dirty, you are normal and should enjoy it.

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  1. Never had such as experience.

  2. Something new.

  3. Very interesting article. I breast fed four babies and found the whole experience very painful and difficult. Perhaps if I had experienced it with an orgasm it would have been a more pleasurable thing to do. Perhaps the orgasms happen to get you through the pain, that would make sense.

  4. I have had that experience and trust me I got red it happened… Luckily was at home and alone…. It was one of the greatest experience feeding my little boy and that created a bonding…. All boils down to the method of latching…. :)

  5. Interesting read here cheers Leo

  6. Cant see the connection myself but I’m a guy so my opinion is mute! it just dosen’t sit right the thought of it? LB

  7. Haven’t experienced it, learnt really new something today.

  8. Weird experience, perhaps but still this situation really happens. Nice read, Jimmy.

  9. Wow, very nice info!

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  10. Cool!

  11. Doesn’t sound right. Interesting though. But hey, I’m a guy.

  12. great thanks

  13. This is quite possible for quite a proportion of ladies. Thanks for the education of the logic and chemicals behind it.

  14. very good information, wow, JImmy, you know so much, that’s good.

  15. Lillyrose, thank you for your comments. You are among the few people on Triond who read and offer some valuable feedback. I know breastfeeding and even nipple stimulation of any sort can be very painful to some women but pleasurable to others. The percentage of those women who orgasm is not very big (about 22%) but it still happens.

  16. Never heard of this before, but I am sure it can happen after reading the story of the lady wanting to let out a scream, but forgot she was in a bus. LOL. where do you come up with this funny stuff? Maybe she was having a big O thinking of someone sucking her breasts while breast feeding.

  17. Good topic Jimmy. People tend to shy away from discussing this.

  18. My, I thought I had pulled out something on orgasm when I wrote about men faking–this one completely got me off guard! Orgasm during breast feedng?

  19. Interesting, never heard of this …

  20. I think it’s harder for some guys to totally understand the concept of female orgasm. It’s a very different experience than a male orgasm. It’s not something that’s meant for reproduction, or to the instinct (even if subconscious) to pass your genetic code. I can’t explain how it feels as a woman to orgasm. All I can say is that I feel a pleasure, a physical release, but in bonding sense as well. It’s different, is all I can say. I can understand orgasm or pleasure during breastfeeding completely. It’s not a sexual thing to me at all. Just another natural wonder of the female body, I’m quite happy to be a woman. (Ask me in 12 days when I’m going through the 28-day-cycle, I might be less enthusiastic.)

  21. Om a guy and even I experienced this when I was breastfeeding my neice! Great to finally hear others with similar experiences.

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