Nadya Suleman – Octomom

Remember "Octo-Mom", the nick name the media gave to her after having eight children at once? What is she up to now?

Nadya Suleman, remember her?  The single mom of six who gabe birth to octuplets (8) more children on January, 26th, of 09? Well the mom of a4 children is struggling to get by, but is getting by these days.  She posed topless for some fast cash and has no shame about her size eight figure at all.  She loves her children very much and won’t stop at anything to insure they lead a very happy life.

Nadia is doing as well as could be expected from anyone with fourteen children to care for.  Being a single mom, this makes her a super mom and although, she can use a little help, she is honesty stubburn, or humble.  She filed for bankrupst about two years ago but bounced back as most super Moms tend to do. She is always looking for ways to keep afloat these days and although she wont ask, I will in her behalf. If we as Americans can care for half the worlds problems, why can’t we seem to help our own in need?  A buck or two from each of us can help this Mom stay abovewater.  Wequickly forget about people we meet in celibrity to jump to the next one. 

THIS MOTHER NEEDS HELP! if you have a heart, please go to her website, and donate something, anything and lets help those who made mistakes in the past.  If interested, please go to the Nadya Family Website even if it is to see how the kids are doing.  Those kids are the important ones in this story. ets show some support for our own here, and be a part of something bigger than us all.  A helping hand will always be good for the soul.


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