Mother’s Love Their Children More Than Fathers-is It True?

Original assumption is that mothers love their children more than their fathers, how much of it is true when we consider today’s society.

Its always said that a mother loves a child more than the father. It’s a universally accepted situation. But I would like to contradict it. In my opinion love grows with closeness. The closer they are to the person and the more time they get to spend with them, the more is their love for the person. So, naturally mother’s got to spend more time with their children, since in the old days fathers had to work and mothers had to keep home. So mothers’ influence was more and so the children took their mothers’ word as everything and on the whole mostly, mothers’ were everything to them. Sometimes they dint even get to see their fathers. So naturally their first love was for their mothers and vice versa.


But when we take today’s scenario, things have changed a bit. Both parents are working, children spend most of the time in crèches or with their nannies. So their parents’ influence, be it mother or father, is relatively lesser. But even then it could be seen that mother’s mostly try to spend time. But what if they can’t afford it, their work commitments doesn’t allow it, and the father is the one who comes home at the right time put their children to sleep. Now naturally the only time the mother spends time with her children would be the weekends and the father is the one who is more familiar with them. He knows about their needs and will be able to attend to it too. So naturally the children and their father would have a special bond while the mother is kindof set aside. In this particular household, it could be said without any doubt that the father’s love is more than the mother’s. After all, love is nothing but caring for the other person, and knowing their needs and being able to cater to it right? Atleast parental love is that.


So in my opinion mothers cares more for their children than the fathers might have worked in the older times, but in today’s world, its all about whose more available than anything else. Sometimes its not both of them, and it could also be said that the nannies are the ones who care more, since they may seem to know more about the kids than their parents. So its all about the closeness and availability. The farther we go, the lesser is the love.

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