Mother From India Has 11 Babies

Mother From India Has 11 Babies.

Oh if we simply cease fascinating and unimaginable headlines like this amazing birth record if it hits some local newspaper alongside our local super market check out headlines.  It gets your attention and he sells the newspaper, but is a little more than sensationalism and we like gobble, honey cakes and coffee cream and talk over our best guyfriend or girlfriend during the day.

“My goodness,” I thought, when I read this, “think to give birth to eleven babies at once! Two or three babies at the same time is a handful, a challenge for a new Mommy to care for, but eleven!  never the world!  This is fantastic, but it may not be true, “I thought to myself, and I did a bit of research.  I was right.  It is not true.  It’s a joke, but people all over the world will fall for this exciting news.

Here is what I found out about these miraculous eleven babies.  The headline read “WOMAN gives BIRTH to 11 Baby boys at once,” I knew that it was probably not so but I had read the article in any case.  It claimed to be a 21st Century record for 2012.  These babies allegedly were all born healthy and well, and it was rumored that six of them were twins.  A little math calculation says if six were twins and she has eleven new offspring then a dead.  She gave birth to twelve.  No, it doesn’t happen either.  The article continues by saying that the doctors were really surprised and shocked but pleased to have a successful delivery. (They had actually eleven successful deliveries)  It says very little about the parents, name not even them.  There seemed a bit strange, but there was a good reason for it.  This mom with eleven newborn does not exist.  It is fiction.

I went and urban legends Hoax Slayer and then in Wikipedia and a Google search for more information, to see what I could find.  They were a bit to offer.  The first thing that is said is false.  Here is what really happened.  The day was 11-11-11 at a hospital in Surat, India, where 11 babies were born on this day.  Babies who were all healthy and successful deliveries and was only 11, that should have been born in this day of eleven but FABRICATED this article published more than two months later caught for sure a lot of attention.  Regarding the photo you included with the impressive article, it is a photo of the 11 babies born on 11-11-11 (not born a woman but many new moms) with doctors and nurses.  (11-11-11 was supposedly a very blessed and lucky day according to different cultures and religious beliefs around the world.)  The truth was quite cool without all the false headlines and impress, but I am sure millions around the world fell for it and bought the paper.  (As a side note, do not buy the paper, Read the article while waiting in line, and after we saw posted on Facebook and elsewhere.  It is a joke, but people will fall and I think most anything if it is in the news.)

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