Metal Detecting Can be a Relaxing Activity for You and Your Entire Family

In this article,the benefits of metal detecting are discussed. It is one of those activities that can truly "touch history"


  Back in 1971, I bought my first metal detector. It was less than $100 and I had visions of finding tons of old valuable coins,jewelry and relics. The video in this article, gives you an idea of what I was thinking as I headed out on my first adventure on the treasure trail. It wasn’t long though that it was much easier than first thought. While I did not find any coins with it, I did manage to find an old antique pistol which was a flintlock with the firing mechanism missing. It was hidden in the wall of an old abandoned house in Pennsylvania. Now 38 years later and into my 10th model, I can truly say that because of advanced technology, the hobby has come into it’s own. Some of the benefits are exercise,fresh air, good friends and a knowledge of local history since research is the key to success. Some other benefits are that you can be of service to those who have lost items.

  An example of this is one hunt I was on. I had picked out an old elementary school. As I hunted it, I located a gold class ring from the year 1959. After researching I found the person most likely to have lost it since the lady’s initials were imprinted inside the ring and only one person in that class had those initials. I found the number of this person and, it turned out to be her mother’s home. When I called, this lady just happened to be visiting there and answered the phone. I asked her if she was missing a ring and when she said yes, I told her I had found it at the school. To make a long story short, she told me her daughter had lost it 20 years before at that school. So I immediately saw an improvement in the public relations department for sure.

  An increased awareness of local history is another side benefit. This awareness is gained by thorogh research. Your local public library is one place to start. Other places include museums,your local historical society,senior citizens,old newspaper accounts usually found in the form of microfilm files. All these resources will help you find where popular hangouts and special events were in the early days of your community.(Fairs,carnivals,ballgames,picnics etc.)


  So, to summarize the benefits:


Cleanup the environment(pick up all trash recovered for proper disposal)

Good friends

Awareness of local history

Public relations

Quality time with family

  So, my message to you is get out there and find some treasure!!

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  1. I have always wanted to do this! However, I have never had a metal detector to use. Maybe now that I can afford one, I will buy one and get out searching! Great article.

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