Life is Not as Beautiful as We Imagined

Being the most noble and the most I just love my parents without them I am weak and can not do anything, terimakasihku for you, I’ll always love and miss you.

life is not as beautiful as we imagined

I had a new baby born in the world
confused, no one I know
I can not walk, crawl and can not do anything
I could only cry mothers lap

now i have been exaggerated a father and mother
I was embarrassed because I could not do anything about anything
I fear his wrath
I pray for mothers who always bother

I know and I know I always do wrong to you
but I will want my parents happy
but I do not know how I make it up
I was confused when looking at their faces

she smiled sweetly at no load catapult me every day
as they care for no load and loves
holding, love is boundless affection
wanted to cry themselves when they are sad to see

father and mother so happy you guys I ungin
but I’m confused step
must be how I swung my feet
I’m going to do this ourselves are only human and not anyone who

I love you mom
father who always makes the spirit in this life
father and mother are the best for me
my thanks to you would not have the slightest shortchanged

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