Kids Temper: Causes & Ways to Control

Why do kids lose their temper and how to control your child’s temper.

One uncontrollable nature of any human being is the bad temper, it is the most common emotion possessed by people of all age groups. But, we need to take care of our children who possess this bad temper. Our responsibility lies in making them learn the ways to control their temper.

Children’s tend to get angry when they wish for some item and they get something different but not the one they want. If a toddler asks for a teddy bear toy and you give him/her a Barbie girl, they just throw it out without even realizing what kind of emotion are they into. Hence, parents should take the responsibility of making them understand the emotion they are undergoing and help them have a control over it. If we start working out helping our kids from that early age then by the time they are 10 to 15 years old, they have a very good control on their emotions and start to well behave.

Parents who accept every wish of their child in the fear of getting embarrassed in front of some outsiders are in-turn spoiling their child by letting him/her to lose control on their temper. There might be various reasons for a kid to generally become short tempered. Firstly, the toys or gifts which they really wish to possess and if you deny buying them those toys would make them outburst. They just start yelling or crying very loudly and throw out anything that’s in reach. Secondly, food is the main cause to make them angry. Kids generally wish to have delicious and tasty food, which might not be that good for their health. If we deny providing their loving food they tend to generally show the anger on the food by throwing it all over or hitting the plates hard with spoon or fork.

There are various ways a kid expresses his/her anger. They might throw everything that they can reach or shout at the top of their voice or cry out loudly or stop eating and if forced might throw it out or tend to express some pain to gain much attention and try to get what they wish for.

There are many ways to control your kids temper. Listen and understand clearly what the kid is losing his temper for and try to explain them calmly without losing control on your temper. Generally, if we tend to raise our voice and tell them to calm down they might get even more hurt. It is more advisable to just hold your kid or explain him by slightly rubbing his back which would calm down his temper. Pay more attention during this period when the kid is angry rather than ignoring them completely. Try to speak to your kid once the temper is down and explain them the side effects of losing temper. Communicating with your kid plays more importance in controlling their temper.

Some things to keep in mind are:

  1. Explain everything calmly without losing your temper
  2. Pay more attention to your kid when they are angry, but if they behave more stubbornly then just do not listen to anything that they do or say this tends to calm them down
  3. Try to put a funniest cartoon show and start talking about the show and keep laughing, this helps the kid to divert their mind and completely forget the issue
  4. Spend much time with your younger ones and speak about what’s good and what’s not from the early stages itself which makes them understand how they should behave and not lose temper
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  1. you can also control your temper by making things that you will make you happy, and avoid to go to the places that will trigger your emotions.

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