Is my Child Trying to Kill Me?

There comes a stage in every parent’s life where they have to ask the question “Is my child trying to kill me?”

Some parents may get the feeling that their son or daughter is purposely trying to bring them down, and is constantly making mistakes simply to aggravate their guardian. For some children, seeing their mom or dad go crazy is entertainment. However the parent usually gets worried, and stressed and starts to ask the question…

So, is my child trying to kill me or not?

However, in most cases, your child will not be trying to kill you. Despite this fact, kids are so much smarter than adults think they are. Being one, myself, I know this for a fact. There comes to a point in a child’s life, where a parent stops saying, “Aww she’s only little…” And instead of the child being thought of as cute, they are thought of as “badly brought up” or “messed in the mind”. In some special cases, where your child has got wrong ideas in his head, he or she will try to mentally disable you. It will start at constant anger, and then move to punching the wall, and then you will get annoyed yourself.

So, my child is trying to kill me. Why?

Okay, you’ve established the fact that your child is trying to kill you. First you must look into the child’s past and think of what could have brought this on. Generally, the answer will be that he thinks you are the enemy. If this is true, and you have been mean to your child and cruel, then the kid has every right to bring you down. (Revenge). However, if you think you have been a good parent, and you are baffled, read on.

If you say unnecessary commands a lot, such as, “Oi! Horacio! Take your clothes away! Clean your room! Dry the dishes!”

You will think it is simple mothering, and it is the only way your child will listen to you, you are wrong. The child will think it is you that is out to get him or her. Horacio would do all the things, and then go to his room and cry, then plot to get back at his parents in one way or another. He will do this up to 60 times in his life, and forget about it. However one day, it will stick. He will go the distance.

What do I do?

Children are strange creatures. They are easily bribed with things like, candy, pet fish, dogs, food, movie vouchers, cars, planes, dirt bikes and Lamborghini’s. Depending on your child’s taste, for example, Horacio might want a Ferrari, but Mamasito wants an Aston Martin. Find out what your child likes, by monitoring him on video cameras. Then, buy him the thing that he likes, say sorry for everything, and promise to be more forgiving, nicer, and less harsh. Saying sorry might be hard at first, but swallow your pride and do it.

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  1. Interesting topic.

  2. If this isn’t meant to be a joke…sad. Fear the brats being brought up by daneus11!!!

  3. Daneus11, I work with kids with problems. What you’re saying has no bearing on real life whatsoever.

    Not becuase you think your parents should buy you an expensive car, they should. You all live in the same house, eat, drink, enjoy shelter, so you all should take responsiblity to share the chores.

    Why should the chores be solely the parents’ responsibility? Do you have a sound answer to this?

  4. This was awful on many, many levels.

  5. that is as crazy as the kid who wants to kill his parents for teaching him to be reasonable & responsible

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