Index of Dates: Saviel Family History

Saviel Family History in India and Burma.

1878 : Birth of Annie Saviel, 1880 : Birth of Aung Ba, 1882: Death of William Saviel ,Birth of Shwe Pon, 1885 : Birth of Daw Hmyin, 1887: Death of Eliza Catherine, 1888: Marriage of Albert Joseph Francis Saviel and Evangeline Kohihoff Newbigging on 26 September ,in St Mathias Church ,Vepery,Madras, India. 1890: Death of Mosess Saviel in Madras,India. 1896 : Death of Elizabeth Unknown in Madras, India. 1900: Birth of U Win, Death of Adelaid Unknown. 1902 : Death of Abraham Saviel in India. 1905 : Birth of Daw Ngwe Sein, Death of George Thomas Saviel in Pegu, Burma. Birth of George Thomas Saviel in Pegu, Burma. 1908 :D eath of Charles Frank Myers on 8 May. Birth of Sunny James Saviel  in Burma. Death of Rose Saviel . 1910 : Death of Daw Rose Hnin Si in Burma. 1911 : Birth of Mavis May Davies (Saviel) in Burma. Birth of Daw Nyun Nyun on 23 July ,in Prome, Burma. 1912 : Death of Jannet Eliza Saviel on 8 May. 1914 : Death of Sophia Mary Saviel (Morley) on 8 May , Birth of Doris Hazel Dallah (Saviel) on 25 September, in Rangoon, Burma. 1918: Death of George Saviel on 8 May. Death of Lilly Saviel, Birth of Fred Rolan Saviel in Burma. 1919: Birth of Saw Dallah in Burma. 1920 : Death of Aung Ba , 1921: Birth of  William (joe) Saviel on 4 December. 1922: Birth of Harold Saviel In Burma. 1923: Birth od Arthur William Davies in England, Death of Albert Joseph Francis Saviel in India. Death ofShwe Pon, Birth of Bertram Henry Saviel on 9 August in Pegu, Burma. 1926 : death of Annie Saviel.

1928 : death of Evangeline Kohihoff Newbigging in India. 1929: Birth of Gladys Kipping,in England. Birth of Frederick Mark Nullmeyers in England. 1930 : Birth of Kyin Mya Win in Burma. 1931: Birth of Kyin SignWin in Burma.1932 : Christening of William (joe) Saviel on 23 Feburary,in ABM Church, Sagaing,Burma. Birth of Douglas Saviel in Burma. Birth of Kyi Kyi Win in Burma. 1933 : Birth of Aye Win in Burma, Birth of Kyin Hlaing Win in Burma. 1934 : birth of Aye Kywe Win in Burma. 1935 : birth of Ma Kyin Htwe on 15 January ,in Burma.Birth of Daw Hannah  Ma Tin Yee in Maymyo,Burma.

I hope everyone like this story and if you have any information on the SAVIEL family in India and Burma let me know.

George Thomas Saviel

02 October 2010

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