Important Parenting Tips: How to Relate with Your Children

We all know that parenting is one of the most important things in every individuals life. at a very tender age of life, there are important things that must be taught a child and certain actions that also must be taking to ensure that children grow up with the right mindset. this article has been written to teach parents some of the things that is required of them as parents to their young ones.

Children are gifts from God that should be treated with care and respect. Many children at their tender age seem to act with reckless abandon and we parents go way over our heads to discipline them and this we do without much thought on how best it should be handled. In this brief article we will be going through important parenting tips and steps of how children can be taught on the values and principles of their day to day living.

 Listen to them: Many parents dont give their children a chance to relate with
them, all they do is give directions on what to do and not how best can you do this.
Parents should always create the avenue for childrens views to be heard. This is one
way to seek their trust and make them feel special.

 Give credit: When A child does something right or has made an accomplishment,
he or she should be given credit, congratulated or rewarded because when you dont give
this child the credit that he or she deserves then the child goes all the way doing the
opposite which is the wrong doing because he or she is sure you would take notice of that
and he gets admonoished. All this sums up to the fact that children want to be noticed and
appreciated and if they cant get appreciated they want to get admonished,it all gets them
noticed. So parents should make them noticeable by appreciation and not otherwise.
 Be a friend: Children want to be loved and adored and they crave for attention.

When they dont get this they tend to seek it outside of their homes and fall under peer
pressure which is the cause of most juvenile delinquency. Parentts should always endeavour
to find the time and space to hang around their kids, taking them on picnics or vacation,
asking them intimate questions and letting them know they can confide in you and as time
goes by they seem to trust the parent and are able and willing to let go of sensitive
information about how their sex life and relationship issues are going.

 Practice what you say: Children are very impressionable beings and they learn faster
by acts displayed in their presence.If a parent wouldnt want his or her child lying, trying
alcohol, cigarretes or drugs then the parent had better stay out of this acts because children
see their parents as their role models and whom to emulate, so when these acts get into the
sights of kids, you wouldnt imagine the lasting impression it takes on them and how damaging
this could be.
 How it is done: A very important parenting tip that helps is for children to be taught
on how to achieve their goals not for this goals to be handed over to them on a platter of gold
or silver. The essence of this lesson is to make them independent achievers, you cant be with
them all the days of your life, so for them to be able to stand firm and create a difference,
children should be taught on how to catch a fish and not be handed a fish.

 Be the giant step: We’ve had parents who went through a rough time being tutored by their
own parent and seem to reciprocatethe same attitude that was showed by their parent to their own
children all because they are in pain or cant get it off their mind. This shouldnt be so and
parents should always try to be an improvement of what their parents were to them and of what
they will be to their own kids. Such a parent could seek help from a physio-therapist if they
cant get through this by themselves or with their partner.

 Respect is reciprocal: Parents should give respect to their children just as they
should demand same from them. You dont want to be condescending or abusing your children
and expect a loving and respectful child. Just as it would hurt if someone made a derogatory
remark about you is the same way it hurts a child when a derisory remark is made about him or her.
As a parent you want to be as nice as you can be and get the same approach back from your kids,
this makes for a happy and lively home.

 With all these said, children are the best gift a parent could ever ask of and as much
as these children get on our nerves, we wouldnt trade them for nothing less because there are
a thousand and one people who would want to have them even at whatever cost. When we seem to be
running short of ideas on how to get along with them just talk to a friend or your own parents
and you”ld be surprised of new dimensions they are willing to share on important parenting tips,
just be sure to be open minded and truthful of the whole issue.  Dont forget that it is important to also teach your children the importnce of a healthy lifestyle

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