I Miss Being Young

How children do not understand life until they have children of their own. An appreciation for my parents.

I miss being young

I woke up today and realized I was getting old! I am now my mother. I am the one that has to break my kids’ hearts when I have to tell them no, just like she did us when we were kids. I didn’t understand then, just as my children do not understand now. I didn’t know how hard it was for my parents to take care of the three of us, myself and my brother and sister. I feel so bad now, for making it harder on my parents. They really did try to give us everything we needed and wanted. They did a great job at it and I could never repay them for that.

I just wish I could convey that to my kids. This day and age is so much more different than it was when I was young. What happened to playing outside until it was dark, then catching fireflies or lightnin’ bugs as we called them down here in the south? Now, this generation, my kids’ generation is so caught up in electronics and going to the mall that they will never experience that. That makes me a little sad. I guess things will never be the same as they were when I was young.

Progress of the world has changed the way children look at life. I don’t even think they know what being a kid means anymore. They’re born, they learn to walk and talk and then they are grown, so they think. Maybe we as parents are to blame for giving them so much these days. Maybe we should stop.

I’ll never forget those days before cell phones, game stations and ipods. I wish I could show my kids what it was like in those days, but no matter how hard I try to expose them to the good ol’ days, it’s the ways of today that they always come back too. I miss being young, back when I never knew we went without, back when I was blind to the ways of the world. Back when bills were not even a part of my life. Back when I didn’t have a clue as to how hard it was to make a dollar. All that mattered to me was having fun and playing outside with my sister and brother, in the dirt.

I wish I could tell my parents what a great childhood I had and what a great job they did taking care of us with the money they made back then, but words could not describe my appreciation.

Thanks Mom and Dad,

I love you.

Thank you for all you sacrificed to give us as normal a childhood as you could afford.

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  1. Kids today just don’t realize how all that electronic stuff is not as fun as the REAL THING!!! It’s much more fun to actually go outside and RIDE A BIKE or RUN in the grass than to sit in front of a “High Definition” screen and play make believe!!

    High Def? How about seeing it in REAL LIFE and getting some fresh air and sunshine!

    Kids need exercise! They need to be outside doing something to loose weight and burn calories and sweat!! I remember how when I was a kid my parents could not keep me in doors. Today’s kids don’t want to leave the house!!! They actually get MAD if you want them to go outside and play and put the Video Game down for a few minutes!

    The current generation of kids is going to grow up to use to having everything too easy. They are far to use to washing machines, electronic games, remote controls, etc. No one has to WORK HARD anymore, everyone wants convenience and comfort to the point we have become a generation of comfort junkies.

    God help us.

  2. And your parents generation felt the same exact thing, every generation feels that way and it is true to some extent. However, judging the next generation without judging or looking at your own as your parents did, shows a sad ignorance. Compared to your parents and grandparents you too are a comfort junkie.

    God help us.

  3. Oh and I miss cetching fire flies too! :)

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