I Dare You, Do Not Read This Important Information!

A short story on the power of NO.

I dare you, do not read this important information!

by masscashteam | on November 26, 2012

I was thinking the other day about being a kid. I was trying to remember what is was like to be little again. I watch my Grandchildren play and get into everything and sometimes when I tell them no, it makes them want to do whatever I tell then not to even more. So I was thinking about one particular time when my parents went out of town and left me home with a sitter, I was 15. I felt like I was old enough to be trusted. My parents repeatedly said, NO parties! Well, of course to me all that meant was go ahead and do it. It always seemed that when they told me no I wanted to do it more, as well. So looking back throughout my entire life I realized that at every instance in my life I was told NO or you can’t do that I only wanted it more. That’s when I really understood how language works.

I did end up having a party and my sitter didn’t say a word to my parents. But unfortunately we did’nt clean up as well as we’d thought and my Dad found some evidence in the freezer. We were busted. I got grounded and the sitter had to look for a new job, but I got to experience how good it feels to do something even though I was told no. I happily took my punishment. Many years later when I had children and now Grandchildren I saw the same pattern to the word “no” or the phrase “don’t do that” .

So my business partner and I have come to the conclusion that adults hear things the same exact way. Sometimes we don’t even realize it but we respond the same way when being told no or you’re not allowed, We have this deep subconscious reaction to want to do the opposite of what we are being told to do. Especially if it’s something we really want or want to do. So we felt the same could be true when used in marketing. Even I have personally fell for this same marketing secret that my partner and I can teach you, for the price of a cup of coffee for 30 days. Imagine if you saved that money for 30 days. You could take that small amount and invest it in your future but no you can’t, that coffee must mean a lot more to you, so just continue living the life your living.

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  1. Thank for share. I thought for sure I left a comment on this article .

  2. Okay I bit. I really appreciate a good dare and this is a great article. I used to get in a lot of trouble as a kid by accepting a dare. Very good read.

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