How to Respect Each Other

Do you respect each other?

Treating each  with respect seems to a downfall over the years

Respect  starts at home I don’t think a child could learn  of respect on the street.

It is entirely up to parents to make  the discipline of respect part of their children’s lives

What has changed?


Most families lack respect for each other,  their busy lifestyles have taken over their lives,  in this way communication doesn’t exist in these families leading to disrespectful families.  You think your family is a perfect one,  but if  you take the time and focus on the little issues at home,  you will notice respecting each other  has  somehow disappeared


If you don’t communicate with your children on a daily basis how would you gain respect  for each other?

Often  there is no respect because parents don’t have  the time for their children and everybody else in the family follow their own paths  which they feel  is comfortable for them.  If parents don’t play their part in their children’s lives how will respect be gained?

Treating one with respect makes you feel good and a better person too.  Be it at home or in public, why only do it at home, you can  also respect others in public.

Respect each other in the following ways

Don’t make fun of others, or laugh at them it is being disrespectful

Pay attention to conversation when talking to each other, don’t deviate from your moment of conversation

Value other people’s opinions

Don’t speak of others when they are not with you

Be  sensitive to other people’s feelings

Avoid pressuring anyone to do something they don’t want to do

Respect other people’s wishes

The different cultures,  languages, and kinds of people that you work with or come across daily when on the street  have different backgrounds and  are taught differently. You should respect this about them. Everyone is different in a unique way.

Instead learn something from the other

Don’t stereotype people

Show appreciation fro other people’s cultures

Avoid getting into racist  and prejudice attitudes.

Have an understanding of the importance of  respectful behaviour

Depending on the  kind of people you encounter daily,  try to  avoid being rude, sometimes certain people don’t care about respecting another, it doesn’t mean you should be the same.

Your first social skill should be proactive listening

Show consideration, act accordingly after listening to the conversation, give a hint to how they are feeling, don’t just walk away from the conversation without interest.

Promises shouldn’t be  broken, keep your word to someone, this will make you feel of value to them, a person who  keeps promises is someone of integrity.

Be punctual, never be late, treat them with value

Don’t interrupt conversations, , be polite, don’t forget your PLEASE THANK YOU, and EXCUSE ME 

Encouraging can be empowering and liberating

Be fair, avoid corruption it will be appreciated if you gave people what they need, and deserve. 

Go out of your way  go the extra mile without being rewarded, show  them the importance of your friendship

Preserve dignity, approach people in a  a way to preserve their dignity, if mistreated or upset. Speak calmly

Do Not Assume, don’t do this, instead you should start off each interaction by thinking of the other as your equal.

When  standing in queues don’t push and complain it is part of what one has to accept but,  not everyone is the same.

People react differently

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  1. I couldn’t agree more with your article. If we don’t respect, we can’t expect to be respected and good communication is the key. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I totally agree with every word you have said in this article. You need to respect in order to get respected – as simple as that.

  3. This is a wonderful post! We need more people like you in this world! Keep up the great work!

  4. Very valuable points. Life has become so mercantile these days that almost no one cares about virtues and values in our life. Everyone rushes for job and money, and busy parents barely pay attention to their children in the evenings when they come back from work. Sad, but true, once a song said…

  5. Really a great point of view…
    Thnx for sharing

  6. very good share…. do respect and get respect.

  7. Extremely useful tips.

  8. Good share.
    This reminds me of my granpa who teaches me to \”respect others first before others will respect you\”. :)

  9. Agree. some people need a hard lesson in respect though.

  10. Nice share with this article. Respect each other’s life.

  11. Excellent share. Respect really starts at home.

  12. Really nice.

  13. Hi Chipmunk, This is an excellent share that everyone should read. I am going to post it to my facebook page and hopefully get you a few more reads. Blessings.

  14. A must read for everyone. You make very good points here.

  15. i like this post :)

  16. You are so right we behave the way were taught at home

  17. You make very good points in this article.We must respect one another, but it all starts at home.Great article.

  18. excellent advice

  19. Excellent and I couldn’t agree with you more. This is one of your very best articles. Bravo on a marvelous piece. Super good job.

  20. This is an excellent post, much food for thought.

  21. Great Article!

  22. Good advice, mutual respect always important in relationships; thanks for your comment on my Christmas-themed poem.

  23. Good advice, cheers; enjoy your Christmas; thanks for your comment on my poem.

  24. Good tips on our relationship with other people,

  25. Great tips. Showing respect will make relationships more harmonious.

  26. Very constructive advice.

  27. Good communications

  28. Good work..

  29. okey,
    I understand

  30. Respect seems to be something young people demand nowadays, rather than something they give.

  31. I must say very practical views and nicely conveyed

  32. Very sensible wisdom here. Thanks.

  33. respect to be respected. :)

  34. Awesome.. I got so many good points here. Have to understand deep meaning of respect each other, from my self and from the others…

  35. it’s vice versa

  36. Wonderful advice!

  37. well thought out and written. Really enjoy your articles. I included you in one of my latest articles.

  38. Thanks for your views,Home is the first school and mother is the first teacher.An indespensible Advice.

  39. wonderful piece

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