How to Produce Good Looking Children

An overview on how to produce "good looking" children.

Producing good looking is all linked to genetics and it is really not all that hard to understand.  When a person starts seriously dating, he or she is normally attracted to the opposite sex due to various factors.  One factor when choosing a spouse is “looks”.  It has been proven that good-looking people attract more attention and in some cases receive higher salaries.


It is the simple law of genetics that we inherit our facial features and body structure from our parents.  It is easy to figure out that if we have reasonably good-looking parents, that the children will also be good looking.  This theory doesn’t always hold true however, the majority of time it is fairly accurate. 


Therefore, you can apply the simple theory of “hereditary” when making the decision to bring children into the world.   Sometimes, parents try to guess what color eyes their baby may have or what kind of facial features the baby may inherit.  Guessing may be fun but the parent has no real way of knowing what the baby will look like. 


Finally, no one knows why two people fall in love.  Love is something that cannot really be explained but very easy to express.  You should never marry someone solely based on his or her looks.  Chances are if you and your spouse are “average” looking, you will probably give birth to reasonably attractive children.

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