How to Make Your Birthday Special!

Small little things done can make your birthday very special.

How to make your birthday special



So it is that day of year,that moment of your life that defines your very existence.Its your birthday and you are not sure what to do. Some of us lucky to be surrounded by very loving and caring family who make our day special. We praise the day when we were born.They make as feel special. However,if you are not among those lucky few,look back there is something amiss.

Share the joy with your family and friends:

It is always good to take time out for the celebration with your near and dear ones.If anything that can guarantee you the long lasting happiness is the presence of a good support system in the form of a family and friend. There had been times when a strong support is needed,and if you have not preserved your relations, you may find yourself alone when you badly need them.

Make a wish: 

The best way to make this day memorable is to make a wish. A long cherished goal that has long ben due.This is the opportune time to start a new venture. This could be any thing,may be that hos pipe that you always wanted for yourself or a house that you wanted to gift your wife. There could not be another better day in your life to start working on your long cherished dream.Remember,every effort counts.


Charity begins at home. Take this opportune time to reach the needy.It could even be your maid. You may even like to adopt an orphan child or make a contribution for the betterment of their future. You will be happy to get their blessings in  return.If you are able to make apositive change to the lives of even a single person,this is worth thousand birthdays celebrated invain.

Forgive others:

Your birthday is the best day to forgive your enemies.Remember to err is human and to fogive is divine. So by forgiving someone your are reaching close to divinity. And in the long run you will turn foes into friends.

Strech your limit: You can vow on this day to work towards the betterment of others. Every task is possible,all we need is to stretch our limits.Be more focused and organised,this would help you in the long run by reaping benefits of this day. No wonder your efficiency to do work will increase and you will be meeting targets.Besides you will come out with more time for your family and friends.

Plant a tree.

Planting a tree is the best way to give something fruitful to the society. By planting a tree you  ensure a greener and much cleaner atmospher. Your kids will remember you even by looking at the plants that you planted long after you are gone. The happiness lies in giving. Remember life is an echo,you get what you give. Spread happiness and be prepared to get in return.

Image by quinn.anya via Flickr

Image by quinn.anya via Flickr

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