How to Have Less Stressful Thanksgiving Dinners

Thanksgiving can be a very stressful when trying to prepare the Thanksgiving dinner. With a little bit of planning we can help to make Thanksgiving less stressful.

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Everyone wants to be able to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner. The cook has the hardest job of all. Everyone has their own way of cooking. Everyone else thinks they have tips to make you a better cook. That is one reason why kitchens used be cut off from the other rooms in the house with walls. It was to let the cook do the cooking without interruption from the crowd of guests. Thanksgiving is one of those days where the walls and door to the kitchen are missed as everyone tries to be overly helpful with suggestions.

Keeping Thanksgiving stress free takes a lot of planing and preparing. Anything that can be prepared the day before Thanksgiving, is a great time saver and stress reducer. Most desert can be made the day before. If they are best serves warm they can be warmed up just before serving. Simply cook the desert and cover. Place the desert in the refrigerator until the turkey is just about done. Place the deserts, that need to be heated, in the oven or microwave to heat them up. An apple pie should take about ten minutes to warm up in the oven or two minutes in the microwave.

Speak with guests and find out if they plan on bring any dishes of their own. There is never too much food for Thanksgiving, just a lot of leftovers. Sometime guests will bring over dishes that need to yet be cooked. Knowing this ahead of time can help to make a schedule of what needs to be cooked next. Suggest if possible for people to bring their dishes that need cooked in crock pot or slow cooker. As long as there is counter room, you can always get an extension cord with a serge protector to plug into. The serge protector part is very important, as we all want a safe Thanksgiving dinner.

Slow cookers are a great way to free up the oven from the turkey. The turkey is the largest and takes longest time to cook. Putting the turkey in a slow cooker free the oven for other foods to be cook. Having the oven free will only more freshly baked good to be done at the same time the turkey is done.

A very important kitchen rule needs to be made for Thanksgiving. Unless your invited into the kitchen to help cook, stay out. This is not meant for rudeness, but when too many people are in the kitchen, an accident is just waiting to happen. Have a cooler with available drinks placed some where else beside the kitchen. Little children usually just want a drink and can easily get underfoot while you are cooking.

Having something planned to keep everyone entertained. This is easy if you happen to have a couple of TVs in the house. Cartoons are a great way to keep the kids entertained. It would also be a big help to make at least one adult in charge of keeping the kids entertained. This way if cartoons don’t hold their interest, they can do some crafts or games together as a group till dinner is done.

Serve non-alcoholic drinks. Every year some one drinks too much and says or does something they regret. Children should not have to see adults acting like this. Since this is a family Thanksgiving drinking should not be involved.

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