How to Get Your Kids to Settle Down and Shut Up

Advice for Parents – How to get your kids to relax.

One of the most common emails I get from Mommies and Daddies consists of this phrase:
How do I get my kids to settle down?  “I just want to relax”.

Is there a way? Can it be possible to settle my kids down, so I can relax and escape from the daily stress of being a single parent. When we say “settle down”, this usually states our Children are getting out of hand. This is how kids communicate to us that they might enjoy some of our attention. When we say “I just want to relax”, we mean escape to an unknown place of peace, to a land that is without stress, quiet and peaceful. So how do we achieve this?
Gather your Child(ren), call them to the coziest place in your house, i.e. a cozy rug, comfy sofa etc.

And here is the surprise-

Take an adventure with your kids to a far off land, escaping from your troubles, showing them the attention they need.  As an added bonus you’ll be educating them, instilling confidence, inspiring creativity and reinforcing love all through the book you are reading.

 Really it isn’t a big surprise. Being the loving parents we are, at bed time we tuck our kiddies in to be, and pull out their favorite book reading them to sleep. Reading is a great way to go!

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