How to Get Your Kids to Settle Down and Shut Up

Advice for Parents – How to get your kids to relax.

One of the most common emails I get from Mommies and Daddies consists of this phrase:
How do I get my kids to settle down?  “I just want to relax”.

Is there a way? Can it be possible to settle my kids down, so I can relax and escape from the daily stress of being a single parent. When we say “settle down”, this usually states our Children are getting out of hand. This is how kids communicate to us that they might enjoy some of our attention. When we say “I just want to relax”, we mean escape to an unknown place of peace, to a land that is without stress, quiet and peaceful. So how do we achieve this?
Gather your Child(ren), call them to the coziest place in your house, i.e. a cozy rug, comfy sofa etc.

And here is the surprise-

Take an adventure with your kids to a far off land, escaping from your troubles, showing them the attention they need.  As an added bonus you’ll be educating them, instilling confidence, inspiring creativity and reinforcing love all through the book you are reading.

 Really it isn’t a big surprise. Being the loving parents we are, at bed time we tuck our kiddies in to be, and pull out their favorite book reading them to sleep. Reading is a great way to go!

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  1. I agree, books are the door through which to discover the world in all its glory wonder. What would bedtime be like for kiddies if there were no books …

  2. Depends on their age dude. Seriously though, no giving them drugs or Bailey’s? No smacking them around?

    Ah yes, you are right. Perhaps some rewarding attention. Give kids positive attention all the time because a) they are your children and they deserve and need your time and b) because when they do start acting up they will realize that they get positive attention until they are acting bad which will teach them not to act bad. (reference developmental psych class or text book, 2nd chapter.)

    Good article though a little short.

    God Bless

  3. Thanks Armywriter!
    Good book that is!
    I agree article way to short.
    And if you do defend our country….
    THANK YOU!!!

  4. Awe, now that mine can read to herself, I kinda miss the bedtime snuggle and story routine! I agree it is such an good and important thing to do for your child. Mine loves books now, and I like to think our bedtime story routine contributed to that. :o )

  5. The best time that we have with our kids is when we do something creative… Build a tent with the dining room chairs and sofa cushions. Make up a story, one line at a time. Play a goofy game of make-believe. Kids love it and the parents will too if they let go and really get into it.

  6. Are you a type of mental doctor for kids or what?
    That is some great advice.
    Excuse the way That I asked that question.
    I was not trying to be rude.
    I am sorry.
    Crazy day with my 10 year old daughter and 7 year old son.
    I went crazy with them.
    That is how I unwind, but with the kids.
    I grab my few minutes of solace while on the toilet with a Bible.
    No joke.
    I Love reading my Bible!!!
    I even read my bible with the kids.
    I read my bible when they are sleeping.
    I read my bible when they are even getting dressed. In another room where they can hear me.
    They love hearing me read the bible to them.
    Of course I read other books too.
    By the way Doc.
    My children’s doctor and I tried an experiment.
    We took the kids off of their ADHD meds invested in a cat.
    For some unknown reason the children are concertrating better at school , home, and at church.
    Their doctor is proud of their behavior due to getting off of their meds and enjoying a cat.

  7. Wonderful advice! Thanks for sharing.

  8. That sounds like some real good advice there.I don’t have little ones, but my lil niece and nephew,well they can be a real handful and some to spare at’l try this with them the next time they are around ;)

  9. Great article! I think that when most parents say that they want to relax, it means without the kids interupting. I know that I have been guilty of this many times. After all, how many times can you read their favourite book over and over, and why does it feel so much like work to sit at the table and play card or board games with them?

    I think that the point you are making is “Be a Parent!” Time flies in a weird way when you have small children – the days seem endless, but the years fly by! It seems like an amazingly short time ago that my teenager were toddlers. I know that it will feel even weirder when they fly away and leave an empty nest.

  10. Yes Karen you got it. “Be a Parent” is the moral here. I myself am guilty of needing alone time, but what I find if we give our kids even that five minutes of uninterrupted reading time they calm down and we can relax in peace!
    It is sad how fast time goes by.

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