How to Discipline Children Without Spanking Them

Put away that switch! Learn ways to make kids behave without hitting them!

Are you a parent or educator who believes the only effective way to straighten your kids out is to spank them? Do you realize that some kids who receive corporal punishment or physical abuse grow up to become abusers? Would you like to learn how to make your kids behave without inflicting physical pain and making them fear you or call the police? You are about to learn how to discipline your kids without spanking them.

Make kids or students write sentences when they are naughty. Have them write “I will no longer be a bad kid” at least 200 times. I lost a lot of time for fun and wore my arm out writing sentences as a kid.

Order kids who do not behave to stand in the corner for a while. If you are a teacher using this method, make the kids standing in the corner wear a dunce cap, if you have one. Making unruly kids stand in the corner is a great way to punish them and make them uncomfortable without inflicting physical pain.

Want to know another good way to make mean kids uncomfortable? Make them put their heads down on a table for a while.

Issue a long lecture to kids who need to learn a lesson. This is not fun. In fact, a Sunday school teacher I had said, “When I was a kid, I preferred to get a spanking and get my punishment over with instead of receiving a lecture.”

Instead of pounding your kids, why not ground them? Make them come straight home from school and stay there for a week or two. Restricting your kids from playing, going to the movies and hanging out with their friends is one of the toughest and most effective punishments you can issue.

Take privileges away from miscreants. Deny them the privilege to watch television, listen to the radio, use an I-pod, surf the Internet or talk on the telephone. While your kids are in their bedroom with nothing to do, they will probably think, “I feel like I’m in prison. I better go straight.”

Take away your kids’ access to goodies. Withhold their allowance and do not buy them anything that is nonessential for at least a week. Do not drive them anywhere they do not have to go during this period.

Make naughty kids feel bored. Order a “time-out”, or period when all activity ceases. If you are an educator, give bad students a detention or take away their next recess. If students continue to act up after receiving a detention, suspend them.

Use the “silent treatment”. You can discipline your kids by not speaking to them for a while. Imagine how the kid will feel if you do not say anything while he or she asks for something.

Become a “drill sergeant”. Make kids who misbehave do twenty push-ups, fifty sit-ups or several laps around the block.

Try these methods and others you can think of to effectively punish your kids without spanking them!

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  1. Some of the ideas listed here are now considered corporal punishment – 1. Standing in the corner (they cannot face the corner), and 2. Becoming a ‘drill sergeant’ and making them do physical work. These actions in our regional school system are cause for suspension of teachers.

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