How to Deal with an Insolent Child

Relationship between a Father and an Insolent Son.

The eldest among the children received the most attention – love and care – and parents are over-protective that they don’t want the child to be touched by anyone with dirty hands nor hug by any sick-looking or disease-infected persons for fear that the child may get sick or infected with a dreadful disease, if any.   Stern instructions are given to the housemaid regarding cleanliness of food to be given to the child, safety of the child, and that the child should not be hurt nor inflicted with pain.   That even mosquitoes and other insects will not be allowed to bite or crawl over the baby’s skin.  That is how parents love their children so much.  Of course, the first to benefit is the eldest.  From the day a child is born it is the parents’ responsibility to nurture him, feed him, protect him, provide him with comfortable shelter, education for his future, clothing, wellness, good health, and everything that he needs are provided until he can stand by his own feet.  

Because of the overly love that parents bestowed upon their children, the latter in turn are attached to their parents and that no one could separate them apart from each other.  I consider these children as well-behaved and disciplined children.  They feel sorry and apologize for their mistakes, unlike others who fight back when reprimanded. They are obedient and respectful.  Unfortunately, not all my children are like them.  Hence, we are not that happy family I wished to have — a family living together in harmony.

We heard a lot of broken homes due to differences between husband and wife, and misunderstanding between parents and children. Among the children, oftentimes, there appears to be a black sheep – a child who is so rude, impudent, and cross to the extent that he’s hurting physically his siblings and even his parents with a threat to kill.  

It happened to me.  My eldest son, being temperamental (but a good guy who loves to be alone), could not control his temper.  No one could not stop him when he is irritable.  We could not do anything as parents.   One of our daughters already had a phobia and traumatic every time he is on the fits of anger.  He was always angry with me.  I don’t know exactly why.  

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