How to Deal with a Stubborn Child

How to deal with a stubborn child.

Having a stubborn child can be incredibly frustrating, they can be rude, disobedient and even aggressive, stubborn children are harder to control and can often leave parents feeling helpless. But there are ways to deal with a stubborn child.

The most important thing you can do to combat your child’s stubborn behaviour is to lead by example, being a good role model and not displaying and stubborn or inflexible behaviour will mean that your child sees how you behave and will hopefully behave in a similar way. Kids learn a lot from what they see, so if they see that you are being stubborn and getting away with it, then they will try it too.

Do your best not to lose your temper and try not to shout or argue, Arguing with them will make things worse. Their stubborn behaviour will be made worse by confrontation, you will need to be smart about it and try to win over your child in other ways without raising your voice. Speak calmly and clearly and always make your child look you in the eye when you are speaking to them, they need to know that you are in charge, not them.

Listen to your child, stubborn behaviour is often the result of them feeling as though they are not being heard. Give them choices and options ask their opinion and listen to what they have to say, you will be amazed at what a difference it makes. Kids often feel left out for various reasons, including them in things can help control their behaviour.

Teach your child about the art of compromise, tell them how grown up it is to see things from other people’s point of view, telling them how mature they are being will make them feel more positive and what kid does not want to be thought of as grown up and clever? Show them how compromise can benefit them, they need to know that everyone can reach a happy agreement.

Make it seem as though you are giving them a choice, tell them that you can’t force them to eat their dinner, but they are not leaving the table until they do. Alter this to each appropriate situation, it will make them feel as though they have a choice, even though they don’t.

Be prepared to be firm, this does not mean shouting, but it does mean sticking to your guns, telling your child they have to do something and then giving in to them if you encounter resistance will confide the child and make it seem as though their behaviour is acceptable when it is not. Be firm and do not give in to their demands.

Dealing with a stubborn child can seem incredibly difficult, but with patience and a strong will from you it can be done.

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