How to Deal with a Custody Battle

When dealing with a custody battle you really need to watch yourself.

             When dealing with a custody battle you really need to watch yourself. It does not look good in court if you are yelling and cursing the other parent. This tells the judge you are not the parent for your children to be with. You want to keep your calm and don’t talk bad about the other parent at all.

             You want to be the calm and collected parent. You want to keep a notebook of when the other parent comes to see the kids, any time they call, and what was said or any actions been taken. If it is a violent situation make sure and meet in a public place and have a tape recorder. The tape recorder is encase anything happens doing the exchange. Make sure and test the tape recorder. You want to make sure you can hear what is being said while the tape recorder is in your pocket.

               Doing this time of battling in court make sure and just give the kids the care they need and lots of love. This is hard on them as well. But don’t let them get away with hurting someone or being disrespectful. This will only hurt them in the long run.

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  1. Written by someone who knows first hand I would say. This is excellent advice for people who are facing such experiences and I like the way you say to be sure to give the children a lot of love because it is hard on them. Too often parents are so busy arguing with one another they forget about the effect that is having on their children.

  2. A very informative entry.

  3. Excellent article. Very informative.

  4. Good advice. Thanks for sharing.

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