How to Cope with Grumpy Kids

Child’s temper is a problem for the elderly, just imagine kids always get angry if his request is not followed, how the headache of parents in the face of a child like that?

If the child is emotionally or anger usually acted by way of slamming doors, throwing things, kicking the table, screw everything and screaming with rage.

The anger can arise from many causes, including those that occur in children. Sometimes parents take children always act upset when angry. These will be presented how to deal with grumpy children’s version of Vera Farah Bararah.

How to cope with angry child?

Actually there are two basic feelings that cause the kids have a temper. namely:

A child has kengintahuan and a strong will to do something, but often not as strong as its ability to desire. This usually makes him upset and led to the frustration that is expressed with anger.

Willingness and desire to quickly become large. Usually children will feel it if a parent has been banned-larangnya with the word “no”. Because he could not control his emotions in a logical, so he chose to express it out through anger.

How to Cope with Grumpy Kids

Nature of the ill-tempered child can become a problem for both mother and child. Therefore, parents need to understand the nature of these children. As quoted from The Baby Book by William and Martha Sears, Friday (19/03/2010) there are several ways you can do to deaden the anger, namely:

Learn things that cause the child angry. Know exactly what things can trigger anger, like a hungry, tired, atmosphere or environment that does not support the other. By knowing the cause, then parents can prevent a child’s anger.

Give examples of her poise. Children learn something from what is seen and heard, it is therefore important to model a calm demeanor in front of him. If the environment around it like a temper tantrum, then the child will assume that this behavior is normal.

Know anyone who is angry. If a parent is a person who is easy emotions, it will be very easy for children to provoke anger and end up screaming at each other with the race without any settlement. Because it is necessary to know who is angry that the condition under control.

Try to remain calm even in public places. Parents should not show his anger at the child in front of many people, because the child will show anger. So try to hold and take it to somewhere more quiet.

Hugged and hugged tightly like a bear hug style. Most children who have lost control will become more relaxed as a hug. This embrace will not be too curb it, but still give the required safety and comfort while being angry.

Restraint is good therapy. Wait until he calms down before starting counseling or solve the problem, because if he was still angry you may be lured to go mad.

May be useful in overcoming the ill-tempered child ..!

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