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Learn the secret to getting baby related products free. Over one milliion people are already using this system. It’s 100% free and very easy to use. Sign up today.

Welcome, in this blog I will show you how to get new baby clothes, toys, diapers, and anything else you can find on in 3 easy steps using the Points2Shop and Cashle method.  This site hosts simple offers and surveys that users complete and claim for cash or points.  It’s that easy.

Does this work?

It absolutely does work. Check out the proof section at freebabyclothes.  I myself am one of more than 1 million users. I could not be happier with the success I have had.  Additionally, you can look at other member’s profiles to see what they have earned and cashed out.  You can learn more at freebabyclothes or check profiles on Points2Shop.

All it takes is 3 easy steps

Step 1: Sign Up For Points2Shop

I recommend using a real E-mail address (you can make a new one free on,, or

IMPORTANT: They will send you E-mail after you sign up to verify your E-mail address.  Plus using your E-mail will allow the admins to get in touch with you as needed.

 Step 2: Complete Offers and Surveys for Points or Cash

Great you have signed up.  Now, click on the earn points tab and select free offers.  Find offers that have high approval rates and fast approval times.  Look at the comments left by other members to get hints and tips.  Then click the offer.  A new window will open allowing you to complete the offer.  Make sure you follow all the instructions otherwise, the offer or survey may not approve.  After you finish, click the claim offer button and play spin2win.  Offers can take anywhere from 1 minute to 24 hours (and sometimes longer) to approve so don’t get discouraged or impatient.  As you complete more offers your balance will grow and then we can get to the best part.

Step3: Redeem your Points on            

Click on the “spend your points” tab.  Now you can search through to find anything you are looking for.  Here are some examples Baby Clothes, Teddy Bear, Diapers, Strollers, and much more.  This method is very easy and 100% guaranteed to get you the things you want at no cost to you.

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