For You to Hear

A song I wrote.

Daddy you could you camp your tent for one second
I have a song and I want you to hear it
My lips have been stitched with piano wire too long
All I want is for you to hear my song
The cipher keeps me near away from the pain
And I fear the distance will lead to stain
Because I can’t stay a symmetrical face
The bruises of a barbaric mouth beating my brain
I’ve turned purple past times proposing
You’ve left me blue from saliva acid stings
Ideas caged in back pages raged on for so long
All I want is for you to hear my song

Mommy maybe you might make way for the sun
But you’ll never know love with sperm in your lungs
The trees in your pocket and the rotting roots
They weren’t made for days of rain loops
I know its hard to remove you face from the mirror
I know though I try I can’t make it any clearer
The growing children won’t know the Earth
The growing children will regret their birth
I have a song I would love for you to hear
Above you oceans move lifting the mountains from your ears
This sound beneath the skin and sky cant be wrong
All I want is for you to hear my song

Liked it

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