Five Ways to Relax with an Infant

Finding time to cool down and relax can be hard so let me share my tips to help you regain some of your sanity!

As a mother of a beautiful 4 month old, I know what it’s like to try and find time to unwind. It is easy to get caught up in every day life and forget to care about yourself. I know what it’s like to go weeks without shaving your legs, or forgetting to put on deodorant because you were too busy cleaning up little one’s puke. Many people will tell you once you have a child, your world revolves around them, and while it does, you cannot neglect yourself in the meantime. Just as much as your child’s happiness and wellness can affect your own, your happiness and wellness can affect theirs. Here are some tips to take a breather or just maintain a little bit of sanity while you care for your precious bundle. 

1. Take a ride in the car. 

Most mothers will tell you they swore by this in their time and hopefully your child is one of the good ones who fall right asleep as soon as the engine roars to life. You don’t need to drive fast, or to drive anywhere in particular. Try just taking a scenic route with some soothing or fun music and relax a little.

2. Have a soak in the tub.

Depending on how old your little one is, this might be a tad inappropriate. If your little one is still way too young to even understand that mommy is naked in the tub then try putting them in a bouncer or swing right outside the tub and have as long of a soak as you can. You could even make it a double bath and wash yourself first then if little one is not too bad about baths you can take him or her in with you and bath them. Remember if your little one is young enough this can be a wonderful bonding experience and even make bath time easier for the both of you. 

3. Take a stroll anywhere.

If you have a stroller use it, go to the park or just push it around the house. Even if you don’t have a stroller, try just walking around with your little one and listen to music or sing. You can do this with a friend too or another mother and child, make it fun and just take a breather from running all over the place trying to get things done.

4. Soak your feet.

If you have to be sitting and feeding the baby or whatever else, try soaking your feet in warm water. You can add Epsom salts, essential oils or just have it be plain water. Having a moment to just let some of the tension leave your body can make your day a little better. If you have time you can do a full pedicure as well.

5. Dance 

If you need a little time to relax and little one just won’t let you lay down for a nap. It might sound contradictory but a great mood booster and energy booster can be just to get up and start moving. Who could make a better dance partner than your very own adorable baby. Be careful not to bounce little one too much, you don’t want to get too puked on after all. 

I would suggest if you are feeling too overwhelmed with your little one, ask for help and take a day of rest but if you are just getting a tiny bit stressed, try my tips. I hope that this article helps you and feel free to leave feedback! Good luck and don’t forget to breath. :)

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